Simple life hacks: Yes, please, to wine ice cubes!

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We’ve all been in our houses for quite some time now. (If you’re reading this from the future, Google ‘2020 quarantine’ or read this, and you’ll understand!) A blessing that has come out of the experience for many of us is that we have been reminded to appreciate the simple pleasures of life. OR — we’re just going so batty that pretty much anything ‘new’ makes us CRAZY-happy! Either way, I think you’ll love these simple life hacks I recently learned!

You know those people who become immediately distracted by sparkly items or random scampering squirrels? (Awww, hey — you there, you who are sinking down in your seat, trying to conceal your identity. It’s okay. Raise your hand proudly! We accept you, just as you are!) That’s how I feel about super cool life hacks. Call me nuts, but I’m pretty sure that when I learn a new life hack, I get about as excited as I imagine Gilbert or Browne or Franklin or Volta or Edison might have been when they discovered electricity! (Read this, and you’ll understand why I listed multiple names.) Alright, let’s get to it — here are the coolest life hacks I’ve learned of late:

Wine ice cubes are the bomb!

I have a few friends are legit wine connoisseurs, so I’m not sure if they will like the first of my simple life hacks today. There are certain “wine rules” that people like them know about that the rest of us average Joes do not. However, when I discovered wine ice cubes, I was over-the-moon excited!

Sometimes, you want your wine to stay chilled. You also know enough about the “wine rules” that you wouldn’t dare put normal, everyday water ice cubes in your glass. So, how about you make some WINE cubes ahead of time and drop those babies in there, instead? Voila! Your wine stays cold but doesn’t get watered down! ::high fives all the readers who love simple life hacks like this:: If you’re too knowledgeable about wine to even consider such a thing, then, perhaps, you wouldn’t be opposed to using frozen grapes?

Simple life hacks that protect charger cords

charger cords
No more frayed cords!

You know how the ends of your charger cords (or other cords) become frayed from coiling? Do you also know those tiny, silver coily springs inside click-top ballpoint pens? If you take one of those pen coils and wrap it around the base of your charger cord nearest where you attach the block, it won’t fray!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scolded my kids through the years for taking apart ballpoint pens. Who knows what type of mass weaponry they were forging with those tiny coils? Now that I’ve learned these simple life hacks, however, I just might buy a pack of cheap pens so I can take the springs out and protect my charger cords!

Buying a house? Check your cell service!

simple life hacks, hand holding cell phone
Don’t buy the house until you check your service!

When I purchased my home 15 years ago, I didn’t own a cell phone. If I had, I would have loved this life hack when I read it. It’s one of those wow-that-makes-so-much-sense-but-I-would-not-have-thought-of-it things. If you’re touring homes as a potential buyer, always check your cell phone service while you’re there! You’d hate to move in and discover that you have to walk outside and a quarter mile down the road to make a call!

You’re welcome!

Save your liquid coffee creamer bottles

coffee mate container and container filled with snacks
Travel friendly life hack!


I think parents of toddlers will love this simple life hack best. Instead of tossing out your empty coffee creamer bottles, wash them and save them. You can also fill them with Cheerios, goldfish snacks or other small food items for traveling with ease! No more messing with sandwich baggies or complicated plastic containers where you need a rocket science degree to get the lid off! Simply pop open the coffee creamer lid and pour!

Which simple life hacks are your favorites?

Visit us on Facebook and let us know which of these life hacks is your favorite! Life hacks are like Pringles. When you get one, you want more! So, don’t hold out on us — if you have simple life hacks to share, spill the beans in the comments! You might also enjoy adding the hacks we shared a while back to your collection of favorites, as well!




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