Sixth sense or gut feeling? What’s the difference?

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Sixth sense, woman's eyes

What is the difference between the sixth sense and a gut feeling? The answer depends on whether you are a woman or a man. Women have a sixth sense, and men have gut feelings. A woman’s sixth sense gives her a supernatural ability to detect many things that men miss.

I guess the men in my life see my sixth sense as somewhat frightening — and if they don’t, they should!

Women have a superior intuition, aptly named women’s intuition or sixth sense, an almost psychic ability to know what others feel or think. We are masters in the art of reading body language and facial expressions.

What is the sixth sense?

Both men and women have commonly recognized senses. They are sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. However, women can perceive things that aren’t apparent for men. For example, I will sense when my husband or one of my sons are hiding something, and I will quickly figure out what it is. Then I will either speak to them or not — depending on the gravity of the matter.

Sometimes, my sixth sense tells me when one of them is about to lie to me. Moreover, I may even know what lie they will use while they still flap about to find the perfect lie. For me, the fact that I love them all despite all the years of little white lies is because of my ability to anticipate the fibs. My women’s intuition has prevented me from ever (or almost ever) being the last to know. Even when they thought I had no idea, I was usually the first to know.

Sixth sense, woman

Common sixth sense awarenesses

Have you ever become aware of non-existent flickering shadows in your peripheral vision? That usually causes a sense of danger that gives you goosebumps. Then there are those faint voices in our heads that warn us that strangers we meet are not to be trusted. One more example of the sixth sense is when you know, without reason, that you should not go to a party, or that you have to get off the highway NOW!

As women, we pay attention to those intuitions, while men get gut feelings that only serve as an encouragement to do the things against which their gut feelings warned them.

Gut feeling, man's silhouette

What is a gut feeling?

Gut feelings are men’s efforts to challenge the sixth sense of the women in their lives. It doesn’t always serve them well. Judging by the number of times I heard men saying: “I knew I shouldn’t have done it. I had a gut feeling….” Yet, despite their gut feelings, men typically go right ahead and do it anyway.

The same applies to their abilities to get from point A to B. They refuse to admit when they’re lost, and will never ask for directions because their gut feelings will get them there.

Sixth sense fish bowl

After the sixth sense come five more

On a more serious note, recent studies say, people, men and women, have a sixth sense called proprioception. Scientists say it is how people’s brains understand where their bodies are in space. For example, a more straightforward explanation is when police at a traffic stop ask drivers to touch their noses. Intoxication affects that part of the brain that manages proprioception.

While we know about the five commonly recognized senses, few realize that we have five more senses, one of which is proprioception. The others include the following:

  • Equilibrioception is a sense of balance
  • Thermoception is sensing changes in temperature
  • Nociception is our ability to sense pain
  • A sense of time is the last one of the additional senses

The bottom line is that I can say with good authority that none of the senses is as powerful as a woman’s sixth sense.

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