Smudging: Clearing My Space, My Head, My Heart…

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I’ve said many times that I consider myself a Christian, though I’m not a conventional one. I feel like I make fellow Christians uncomfortable with some of the things I wonder about and I certainly make others feel uncomfortable when I speak of the metaphysical things I believe in. I never want people around me to be uneasy at my belief system: I am what I am. I have decided over the years that I just need to accept myself for who I am, as I do others.

One of the many unusual things about me is that I have a stronger 6th sense than most people I know, although maybe they’re just not admitting it out loud 😉  I have found that I get a pretty strong sense of when a spirit is around me. My elder daughters also tune into these strange sensations. We don’t stress about it too much, until it seems that paranormal activity in the house is starting to pick up and then we do start feeling uncomfortable and anxious. I have learned that spirits will often being attracted to those with a 6th sense. Although my daughters and I are not powerful psychics or mediums, we definitely are aware and sometimes affected by what we can’t see.

My medical intuitive friend, Holly, got me started on how to clear my space of unwanted spirits (one followed me home after a walk and liked to be in the shower with me). She taught me to use my psychic ability to clear my space, however I felt I wanted something more and I found it through “saging” also called “smudging”. No, I am not wiccan, nor do I chant spells…I just like to periodically clear my home of negative energy, especially those left behind by my own feelings of depression, anger, frustration…you get the picture.

So, for those interested, keep reading. You can do these, too. The idea is to clear your space of negative energy and fill it with positive. When I do these things, I feel lighter and  my house seems to be filled with more light and less of a “heavy” atmosphere.

First, I purge my house. No, you don’t have to do this…but it’s something I like to do because with 5 people in the house, we seem to accumulate things very quickly. Once I’ve purged my house (which gets easier every time I do it), I can feel that my space already seems less dense. Now, the psychic bit 🙂   At night, when everyone is in bed, I imagine a white sheet spreading over my entire property. I imagine that sheet lifting 6 inches at a time and as it’s lifting, I say in my mind, “Anything here that is causing negativity must remain on the sheet. Anything uninvited must remain on the sheet. Anything that does not serve me must remain on the sheet.” I continue this exercise until I imagine the sheet 20 feet or so above my roof. Then I imagine the 4 corners of the sheet tying together and I ask the angels and the universe to take the sheet away to the place where they belong. This exercise tends to tire me out, so I like to do it at night right before bed so that I can sleep afterwards.

Next, it’s time to smudge. As I mentioned, smudging clears way negative energy:  It will remove earthbound or lower spirits, and any negative emotions that tend to linger. Instead of typing it out, I’m going to bless you with my favorite video about it. Heather is from “Energy Muse” and she’s the “Crystal Lady”. Yes, I’m getting into crystals, too–but I’ll save that for another post. In this video, Heather explains the best way to clear your space of negative energy and fill it with positive energy. I canNOT wait to do this! I have 2 more rooms to sort through and I’m on my way.

If you feel bogged down in your soul and don’t like how it feels to walk through your door and into your home, you may need to try smudging. If you have done this before and it works for you, I’d love to hear about it!

Writer: CJ Heath

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