Snap out of a bad mood with these 5 tips

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Navigating emotions can feel like riding a rollercoaster. We all find ourselves needing to snap out of a bad mood once in a while. A friend of mine recently published a post on social media, asking people to name one thing that they can always count on to help them get out of a bad mood.

People who responded in the comments had some really great ideas. I’ve chosen five of them to share with you today. If you have a favorite way to snap out of a bad mood, leave a comment under this post on our Hot Mess Press Facebook page and tell us about it!

Snap out of a bad mood, tip 1

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Nearly 20% of those who responded to my friend’s inquiry said they can always snap out of a bad mood by listening to music. Studies show that listening to music not only helps improve mood, it also improves cognition, provides comfort, reduces anxiety and even, eases pain.

Tip 2 can also help you snap out of a bad mood

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I’m actually combining two separate tip ideas into one because they both involve drinks. Many people who shared ideas on how to snap out of a bad mood said they can always count on coffee to do the trick. Several people also said that drinking wine always improves their mood.

Coffee containing caffeine may help boost mood and brain function because caffeine blocks inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brain. As for wine, it can stimulate production of serotonin and endorphins, both mood-enhancing hormones. Wine also contains antioxidants, which lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. In short, drinking wine may help reduce stress and improve your mood. (Anyone who struggles with alcohol addiction will want to avoid using wine to snap out of a bad mood.)

Tip 3 involves lots of interaction with others

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Combining several more ideas into one, let’s say that interaction with others can help you snap out of a bad mood. Some people said “playing with puppies” while others said “babies” or “grand-kids.” Baby giggles and children’s giggles, in particular, seem to have a mood-brightening effect on people, as well!

One guy simply posted an emoji with a zipped mouth, insinuating, perhaps, that interaction with his wife helps him snap out of a bad mood. ::winks:: (His wife happens to have been the woman who asked the question in the original post! LOL)

God created us to be in community with one another. (One of the reasons that isolation and extended quarantine are so physically, mentally and emotionally unhealthy.) I recall a documentary on human life that I once saw, which stated that human touch is critical to a newborn baby’s health. Infants will cease to thrive if they are not touched. Even if nutrition is provided by mechanical means, without human touch, babies are at risk for demise.

Snap out of a bad mood with tip number 4

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Prayer helps a lot of people overcome their bad moods. As for forms of prayer, many of those who commented say they love to listen to praise and worship music (Aha! Music again!) or take a walk outside while they pray.

I don’t think “how” we pray is the important part. Simply taking time to lift our hearts and minds to God, to commune with Him, to feel His presence in our lives brings happiness and a sense of peace.

Tip number 5 is a mood brightener, too

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Spending some time alone, whether going for a drive, taking a walk or relaxing by oneself to watch a movie, read or whatever, is (perhaps, ironically) a popular way to snap out of a bad mood.

We’ve already mentioned the potentially health-hazardous consequences of spending too much time alone or without human interaction. However, a little bit of time alone appears to have the opposite effect. We all have busy lives and most of us spend a significant portion of our days taking care of the needs of others. Perhaps, this is why taking time away by ourselves on occasion can help improve a bad mood.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

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Remember that experiencing a bad mood once in a while is a normal part of life. If you pressure yourself to always be in a good mood, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Being in a bad mood isn’t bad. What you do to overcome it is up to you. That’s where the real test comes in.

What do you do to snap out of a bad mood? Share your ideas with us! What’s the one thing that makes you say, “Oh, man, I’m really in a bad mood. Imma’ go do THAT because it never fails to help me boost my spirits.”? What’s your go-to-mood-boosting secret? Eager readers want to know!

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