Some Good News: Coronavirus was NOT invited to prom!

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Everyone’s favorite from “The Office” (sorry Steve Carell) is back with another dose of happy to start the week! This is the fourth episode in John Krasinski’s “Some Good News”, which he started as a way of lifting the spirits of the world and proving that goodness still exists in these difficult times. Krasinski dedicated most of the episode to something that many young people are missing out on due to the quarantine – prom! In addition to his normal Sunday-evening broadcast, Krasinski did a special, live episode on Friday night, with surprise celebrity guests and glow sticks galore! The best part of the Friday night Some Good News? Coronavirus was NOT invited to prom!


Episode 4 of Some Good News from YouTube channel “SomeGoodNews”

Video rundown

The show starts like many do, with Krasinski highlighting fun parodies and fan tributes. This one was a fan-made, Lego-inspired version of SGN! He moved on to highlighting a new group of heroes who are working throughout the pandemic. This includes first responders, grocery and sanitation workers, delivery drivers and more. It was just as touching as past episodes and made me start crying immediately (I’m going to start timing how long it takes me to cry in each episode)! 

The show then goes interstellar by showing a video from the International Space Station! The astronauts shared good space-news, including their daily routines and some statistics about the benefits of the space program. One astronaut gave one of the best and most inspirational quotes I’ve heard in relation to this entire ordeal, “An Earth in crisis is still an Earth worth returning to.” 

Promenade 2020

SGN then interviewed a young teen from Alabama whose dad insisted on giving her the best version of prom one could do during a pandemic. There is an adorable video of the two of them dancing together with her in her prom dress and her dad in a suit. The rest of the episode consisted of clips of Krasinski’s Friday evening prom! With another nod to “The Office,” Krasinski invited his friend and on-screen nemesis, Rainn Wilson, to banter with him. Other celebrity appearances included Chance the Rapper, Bille Eilish, and The Jonas Brothers. He showed clips of young people from all over dancing in their prom gear to the broadcast.

The show is as enjoyable and uplifting as ever. I will never get tired of seeing happy people doing their best to help others and work through this crisis. When this is all over, I hope we remember to reach out to each other, even if we cannot do so physically. If “Some Good News” does prom season next year, Coronavirus or not, let’s hope we’re all invited!

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