Some Good News Returns with Surprises

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John Krasinski (or maybe, John Kraninki?) is back with his home-based YouTube show, Some Good News. If you missed last week’s premier episode, you’ll certainly want to go back and watch it. This week’s entry was so spectacular it makes me wonder how Krasinski is going to keep this up. But, as he points out, since the show is based on the current good in our current world, he won’t run out of material any time soon. Here’s a quick recap of the second episode of Some Good News, which returns with unbelievable surprises and never-ending smiles.


Second Episode of the YouTube show “Some Good News”

Video Rundown

Krasinski starts the show by doing something I’ve never managed to master – incorporating helpful criticism with a dose of humor. He plays a clip of a Twitter user’s reimagining of SGN’s opening. Krasinski then moves on to showing clips of several videos that blatantly copied SGN! However, Krasinski takes it all in stride, joking about copyright infringement. He is clearly more flattered than annoyed, and reminds everyone that the people watching, reacting, and creating more good stories ARE the good news he wants to promote. 

The show moves on to salute people around the world making PPE supplies like masks and gowns for healthcare workers. Krasinski even brings out another hilarious accent, this time Boston, as part of a thank you to the New England Patriots who used their private jet to bring in needed medical supplies. Teachers get a shout-out for going above and beyond for their students during the pandemic. This included a car-parade in Arkansas, and a teacher who came over to a student’s house with a white board to stand outside and help her understand a math problem. Parents get love during the show too, with several clips of parents teaching and playing with their kids in creative and funny ways.

Wait For It…

There were several celebrity appearances this week, including movie superstar Robert DeNiro, who Krasinski jokes is the weather correspondent. Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt, even gets in on the act this week. She and John jointly interview a little girl named Aubrey. Aubrey was looking forward to seeing a touring show of “Hamilton”, but when the tour got put on hold for the pandemic, decided to settle with a viewing of “Mary Poppins” returns, which stars Blunt and “Hamilton” star/creator/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda. Krasinski and Blunt surprised her with a joint Zoom call with Miranda that quickly turned into a sing-a-long of the opening number of “Hamilton” staring the original Broadway cast! It was an amazing and touching moment. (Mild language warning for parents: there are a few “damn”s in the lyrics of that number.)

The show closes with Krasinski assuring us all that there will always be good in the world, or at least comedy, as he stands and shows us what he’s been wearing behind the desk this week! The credits roll with a Hamilton parody song about staying home during the pandemic. If you’ve been feeling down lately, this episode has just what you need to get lifted back up. I can’t wait to see what Some Good News surprises us with next week with it returns again!

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