Some Good News Takes Us Out to the Ballgame

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Well, I guess I’ll be starting every Monday morning for the foreseeable future with a sob session! That’s right – everyone’s favorite self-appointed good-news anchor, John Krasinski, is back. This week, he made the world (or maybe just me?) cry once again with his upbeat stories of human kindness and triumph during the global pandemic. You can view past episodes of the show at the Some Good News YouTube channel. The most recent episode , John gave some healthcare workers a taste of what many of us have been missing – baseball season! Just watch as Krasinski and Some Good News takes us all out to the ballgame!


Episode 3 of “Some Good News” on YouTube

Video Rundown

The show starts this week with a young a cappella choir sharing their version of an “SGN” theme song. Krasinski still utilizes his now-trademark dry, self-deprecating sense of humor throughout the episode, further entrenching himself into our collective hearts. The episode goes on to highlight several pieces of fan-art people created to honor the show. Krasinski pokes fun at himself while still managing to share his appreciation for everyone’s efforts. 

Krasinski turns to healthcare heroes next, highlighting the different traditions that several hospitals use to celebrate patients coming off of ventilators or being discharged. There are dance routines, hallways of clapping medical professionals, and gifts. The show takes time to joyfully laugh at the funny and sweet things recovered patients. 

“The Wide World of Home Sports”

SGN then moves on to a subject many people around the world are missing – sports coverage! Krasinski brings in special guest Joe Buck who commentates a couple of non-sports videos, like a guy unloading his dishwasher! The show moves on to an homage of baseball, one of Krasinski’s favorite sports. He interviews the COVID unit from his hometown of Boston, surprising them with a video chat with former Boston Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz. Ortiz managed to make me cry for the millionth time during this video by honoring the workers with dedicated seats to ALL future Red Sox games!

The fun didn’t stop there! Krasinski told the healthcare workers to head outside where they had a waiting duck boat. It dropped them at Fenway Park where the workers got to run the bases and watch video feeds of the Boston Mayor, Massachusetts Governor, and the current Red Sox players applaud them for their bravery and hard work. But Krasinski didn’t honor just those workers in Boston – he announced that phone/internet provider, AT&T would cover the cell phone bills of ALL doctors and nurses across the nation for THREE MONTHS!

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

The show closes with a hilarious shot of what Krasinski was wearing behind the desk this week (I’m not telling! You’ll have to watch), and the credits roll with an adorable kid singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”. I have no idea how long Krasinski and his family intend to continue producing this show. I hope they keep it up for a long time. Even after Coronavirus is (hopefully) a thing of the past, there will always be a need for highlighting the best parts of humanity. Who knows? Maybe next season, Some Good News will be there when we all take ourselves out to a real live ballgame. Here’s hoping!

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