Stay cool this summer with these 3 life hacks

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Do you hate to sweat? For me, it depends. If I’m dressed up and at a social gathering or something, then, yes, I hate to sweat. If I’m doing a workout or working in the garden, I actually don’t mind it all that much. It feels good to know that my body is working hard and functioning the way it should. While perspiration has several, distinct purposes, the bottom line is that most of us want to stay as cool as possible when summer heat rises, especially if humidity levels are high. With the 3 life hacks I’m about to share, you can stay cool this summer!

Take a hot water bottle to bed with you to stay cool

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Yes, I just suggested that you take a hot water bottle to bed with you. BUT, instead of filling it with hot water, fill it with cold water and place it in your freezer. You can also use those little ice packs that people put in lunch boxes. If you don’t have either of these items, you might be able to get away with using a large freezer-style zip-lock baggie (although I’d be careful about that, in case it melts and comes open while you’re sleeping).

If you REALLY need to stay cool (say, because you happen to be navigating menopause and are having extreme and intense hot flashes) you can make several of these ahead of time. When you go to sleep, hold on to one like you would with a hot water bottle for an upset stomach. Place another at your feet or under your arm.

Stay cool by stocking up on ice and placing it in bowls by your fans

stay cool, glass bowl of ice cubes

Even if you have central or portable air conditioning, having a few electric fans on hand can really help you stay cool when summer temperatures rise. A simple stay-cool trick is to set bowls of ice near your fans. If you can adjust the position of a fan, that’s even better. You can turn it toward the bowl of ice so that the airflow is passing directly over its surface. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this cools down a room, especially if you’re using it in a smaller area, such as a bedroom.

Eat lots of spicy foods

basket full of cayenne peppers, green and white striped cloth in basket

Have you ever done the ghost pepper challenge? Me neither; in fact, I don’t even like to watch people do it. Okay, so maybe don’t use ghost peppers for this life hack, but keep some sort of spicy foods on hand to help you stay cool this summer. The idea behind this particular hack is that by eating spicy foods you’re body temperature will rise. This will cause you to perspire. When you sweat, it cools down your body. Therefore, eating spicy foods might help you stay cool in humid weather because it makes you sweat!

I’ve also read that eating more fruits and vegetables and less salty foods and protein help lower body temperature, too. Studies show that eating certain foods that are high in sodium or high-protein foods (like a burger that is fresh off the grill) will typically cause your body temperature to rise within one hour of consumption. Avoiding such foods and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables instead may help you stay cool this summer. (Hey! That’s technically a fourth life hack when I said I was going to share three, so — you’re welcome! LOL)


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