Stocking stuffer ideas for dogs

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Stocking stuffers for dogs, dogs with stockings

This is Boomer’s first Christmas and, naturally, I bought him a stocking. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your furry canine friend(s) this holiday season, consider these fun ideas!

Deck the halls with tennis balls

What dog doesn’t love tennis balls?? Watch how excited this dog gets when he sees this hoard of tennis balls! Tennis balls might not be suitable for every dog though. Our puppy loves them but is quick to tear them to shreds. If your dog destroys most toys he or she receives, check out these tough toys for chewers.

Dogs love a good chase

This one might be controversial but laser pointers make great gifts. Our dog LOVES chasing after points of light. Whether its from a laser pointer or a glare coming off our toddler’s tablet. He goes bonkers for it. People might think it’s rude to let a dog chase after something they can never catch, but I believe our dog just loves the chase.

Stocking full of treats

Treats are a given, right? What kind of stocking DOESN’T have a ton of goodies in it?? This is one stocking you won’t be dipping into before the holidays though. You might be sneaking a piece of candy or two from your kids’ stockings, but I doubt you’d want dog bones. Once, I almost bought what I thought were cookies at the register at the local pet store. Thankfully, I read the description carefully and realized they were, in fact, dog treats. Who knew they had artisan sweets for animals??

Baby, it’s cold outside

Dog sweaters, hats, and booties are solely dependent on where you live and the breed of dog. If you’re not sure what breed your fur baby is, check out this article about canine DNA tests! Some breeds can wear dog sweaters and be perfectly fine, but other breeds might suffer from overheating. Be careful about how you clothe your pet. Their fur is a natural coat and already keeps them warm in certain temperatures. Make sure you do your research beforehand.

A stocking of spoils

Your dog might not know what a gift card is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your pet with a certificate to a doggy spa. Yep. That’s right. They have spas for dogs. It’s not your typical hair cut with a nail trim. There are places that will pamper your pet. Depending on the company, some pet spas offer facials, vitamin enriched bathes, massages, and more. There are even spas that pamper both fur babies and fur parents!

Enjoy this Christmas season with your family, friends, and pets!

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