Stop the Cell Phone Wars!

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I’ve been an Apple devotee for several years now. I love every product I’ve ever bought from the tech giant. I can’t say the same for other brands of technology. However, I understand that my experience isn’t universal and that other people are just as devoted to the other brands that they love. But, as an Apple user, I’ve noticed something. People who use other operating systems/product lines are extremely judgmental of people who use Apple products. It’s not even a fun ribbing – they get downright hostile and insulting. It’s ridiculous – this isn’t a fight worth having. Stop the cell phone wars and GROW UP.

An Apple a day…

Let’s go ahead and get some valid criticisms of Apple out of the way. Yes, even as a happy user, I am willing to admit that the brand has its issues. The biggest one is cost. Apple products are prohibitively expensive for many people. Back when they first started making iPhones in 2007, they were laughed at for costing $500. We were so naive. Now, an iPhone will set you back a full grand. There are ways to not pay the full amount all at once, but you will pay it eventually.

*Robot voice* DROID

Most of the hate I’ve experienced for using Apple products comes from Android users. They use insults like “iSheep”, implying that droves of people are conforming and not actually considering what they’re purchasing. If you look at the numbers though, Android actually sells more phones. They are generally less expensive and users love that they can modify the OS. I won’t criticize these phones too much, because I’ve never used one. Perhaps if I did, I’d toss all my iProducts into an iFire. But from what I’ve read, the phones that use Android OS are much more hit or miss with quality, and their security isn’t as good as Apple.

The ultimate first world problem

Here’s my beef with this entire fight. In a world where a huge portion of the population can barely afford to eat, we’re going to argue about smartphones? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s perfectly fine to have a preference, and even more fine to state your case for your preference. But when we start personally insulting people is where I draw the line. It’s a PHONE, people. Count yourself lucky that you have one. Use the one that you like and that makes sense for you. Make like Elsa and LET IT GO.

You want a hard truth about most smartphones today? Most of them are made, at least in part, with child labor. That’s right. Children and adults are working slave wages so we can post vacation selfies to Instagram all day long. That’s the case for Apple products, for Android-using products, and for a lot of tech gear, particularly ones that use lithium-ion batteries. None of us should be terribly smug about the phone we’re using. 

It’s not all bad news

On the plus side, if you’re in the market for an ethical phone, my research for this piece led me to Fairphone. So there are people in the world who are trying to improve this area of technology. Don’t worry that I’m judging you for sticking with your phone, though, no matter what the brand may be. I would have to judge myself just as harshly.

For now, grab your smartphone and look at it. Appreciate it – it’s amazing. You are holding a tiny computer in your hand. Imagine how your great-grandparents would be completely flabbergasted by this powerful, yet small bit of metal and glass. Remember how lucky those of us living in a tech-saturated world are. And, for all that is good in this world, stop the pointless cell phone war. We’ve got bigger problems. 

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