Teacher who was terminated for leftist rant in class

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It doesn’t surprise me nowadays, when a story crosses my desk regarding political outrage of one sort or another. In fact, I’m more surprised if someone sends me something far more benign, such as a story about a happy family in America. I’m not typically shocked by anything extreme leftists do or say these days. However, when I read about a teacher who was terminated for spewing leftist propaganda and rage in her classroom, I was indeed astonished. To start, it surprised me that school board officials actually fired the so-called instructor. It’s far more common these days for wrongful behavior from the left to go unpunished.

I was also more than shocked when I watched a video of the events that had taken place. I know many teachers on a close, personal basis and have several in my own family. Not a single teacher I know would ever do anything even remotely similar to what this woman did. As I write this post to share the story with you, I still can’t believe what I saw and heard.

Video of teacher who was terminated

Before I discuss the specific points that upset me so much about this situation, I’m placing a video of the teacher who was terminated below, so that you can view it before reading the rest of this post:

WATCH: Utah Teacher Goes on Threatening Political Rant Against Students Who Do Not Agree With Far-Left Ideology.. UPDATE — FIRED!

There is so much about this that disturbs me to the core! Below, I have outlined my thoughts through a series of questions and commentary:

Since when can teachers use profanity in the presence of students?

When I heard the teacher who was terminated swear, I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She might not have dropped the f-bomb, but she did use cuss words. At another point during her rant, she also used the phrase, “I’ll open a can,” which is an innuendo for a cuss word. I’m so thankful that none of the teachers who have taught my children over the years nor any licensed instructors I know would ever speak this way in front of their students. It’s shameful.

Shouldn’t teachers possess basic grammar skills for speech and the written word?

If it weren’t so infuriating, it would almost be laughable. This teacher who was terminated for unleashing an extreme leftist rant upon her students sarcastically commented about how stupid their parents are. In doing so, her own ignorance and lack of proper speaking skills takes over the screen. She should be embarrassed. Then, she should seek tutoring from the school’s English teacher — and, oh boy do I hope that is not the subject she teaches! Which brings me to my next question…

What subject does she teach and why wasn’t she teaching anything?

The video is only a few minutes long, so it’s never clear (at least not to me) what subject it happens to be that this woman teaches. I tried to justify her apparent “need” to expound her own personal, political opinions and worldview by telling myself that, perhaps, she was a sociology teacher, a history teacher or political science teacher. In each case, it’s conceivable (albeit, quite loosely) that she was teaching a specific lesson and digressed into an open discussion session. There are several problems with my conjecture, however.

For one, what we see in this video is anything BUT an open discussion. The teacher who was terminated comes right out and says that her students have a right to their own opinions but if they differ from hers, they are to keep it to themselves and out of her classroom. Furthermore, even if the subject matter this woman was hired to teach would merit a discussion about political, social and cultural opinions, as the instructor, she is to remain objective and neutral at ALL times. Her job, in such circumstances, would be to encourage students to share their thoughts with one another. She is to act as a facilitator of discussion. At NO time, should she, as a teacher, be ranting about her personal opinions, beliefs or convictions.

Why did the teacher who was terminated insult students and parents?

This now-former teacher told the students in her class that their parents are stupid. She also exclaimed that her own parents were “so dumb” as well. ( I feel so sorry for them, whoever they are.) Almost everything this woman says in this video disturbs me. However, there is one statement she made that REALLY disturbs me. She emphatically told the kids, “You do NOT have to do everything your parents say and you do not have to believe everything your parents believe.”

As for the latter part of the statement, it’s true enough — however, that is NOT topic for her to discuss with her students without their parents being present! Regarding her encouragement toward disobedience, it’s an outrage. Barring abusive situations, students most definitely DO have to do what their parents say. It’s called OBEDIENCE. How dare a teacher tell children that they do not have to obey their parents?!

In addition to insulting the intelligence of school parents, the teacher who was terminated spewed these threats against the kids as she forced her far-left ideologies upon them:

1. That she’ll make life a living h*ll for anyone who doesn’t align with her beliefs
2. That she’ll publicly make fun of any student who expresses views that oppose her own
3. That any student who does not believe in a politically-based idea of climate change should “Get the h*ll out” of her classroom
4. That people who do not support homosexual behavior are “homophobes” who should also “get out” of her classroom

She also took steps to try to deter students from reporting her behavior.

Would clarification of virology and scientific facts help?

As I listened to this teacher speak about the delta variant, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She is grossly misinformed, which is sad. What’s worse is that she’s passing her misinformation onto her students. Viruses do not strengthen when they mutate. They weaken. Thus, a delta variant or any other variant will be a weakened strain of virus. Variants are typically more easily spreadable. However, to tell kids that uninjected people are placing injected people at risk to get ill from the delta variant is not true. Hopefully, at least some of the kids in the class already know that or will conduct real research to verify her statements. It won’t take much research to discredit what she said.

As a side note, the fact that variants are weakened strains of virus means that COVID-19 (which many scientists have testified has never been isolated in a lab) will be less of a risk. Given the fact that it already has a recovery-without-complication rate of more than 99% in those under 30 years of age, it’s logical to assume that everything this woman just told her students about the delta variant was inaccurate.

The Alpine School District found these statements shocking

The teacher spoke about students who might be compelled to report her (inappropriate and wrongful) behavior to school officials. She warned them that telling the administration would do no good. She said that nothing would be done to her. Imagine her surprise when, after her extreme leftist rant filmed, it was reported to the Alpine School District, in Utah, and she was placed on immediate administrative leave. Similar incidents have occurred in other parts of the country in recent years. Parents have reason to be concerned about what is being taught to their children.

The district issued a public statement.  It stated that preliminary investigations were immediately launched when the teacher’s actions were brought to the administration’s attention. The statement also said that the district considers the teacher’s behavior inappropriate, unprofessional and intolerable.

Well, at least, there’s that.


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