Ten Moves to Business Success — Part Two

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The next move you should make in the chess game of business success is the effort to STOP leveraging time for money. I covered this in my book 6FPP and I’m currently developing an entire training series around this concept.

Let’s be real, if your income is based entirely upon your personal ability to leverage time for money, then you’ll always be limited by the number of hours you can personally put into your work. You could potentially earn more by sle

eping less or ‘living’ less, but there will always be limits on what you can accomplish.

As you know, I have founded every single business venture I’ve ever started on the model of service before profits. It’s no secret that I am a Christian business owner, and every venture I pursue is run on a platform of Christian principles. Service before self is one of those principles.  I don’t want my ability to serve others to be limited by my own personal limits on time and ability. If I don’t design ways to serve my clients and customers on their own terms, when they need me, without limiting my ability by time – I won’t be helping many people, will I?

Why? Because there’s always something else to do. I am a wife and the mother of three boys; there’s always so much to be done. There’s always an event, a dinner, a little league game, a church function, a trip – or I’m booked to speak, scheduled to meet with one-on-one clients, etc.  If I’d never overcome the paradigm of leveraging time for money, I’d never help anyone the way they deserve to be helped.  I’d be very ineffective on the service front, and I can almost guarantee that you will be too.

I challenge you to start considering ways you can stop leveraging time for money. How can  you solve the problems of those you seek to serve without limiting yourself by time?  How can you go all-in at home, serving and loving your family the way you should, while still growing your business, without sacrificing the level of service that is synonymous with greatness?

Unless they know the intricacies of your business and your personal life, nobody can answer this question for you. You might have to get creative. You may need to talk to your spouse, your staff or even your kids — If you have a mastermind group, I highly recommend discussing your options with them.

~ Bonus tidbit: Mastermind groups are excellent for business owners who feel more confident after discussing critical business decisions with mentors and other experts in their industries.

The bottom line is this, we only get 24 hours in a day. What we do with those hours is up to us. Until we recognize that time is our most limited resource, and it should be invested even more wisely than the money we put into our mutual funds, we’ll never get out of the time-for-money rut. This happens to be one of the most discussed topics in my coaching and consulting circles. Too many people know they should make changes, but never take action. Don’t be one of the too many.

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