‘Terminator’ Faces New Challenge

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One of the most intensely feared and then beloved characters in the modern era of movies recently faced another new challenge or face his own termination. Arnold Schwarzenegger, age 70, who has worn many hats in his life and career, just underwent his fourth cardiac procedure. While it was initially a planned operation, it quickly escalated to an emergency open-heart procedure.

According to his publicist, the beloved actor and polarizing political figure, scheduled an operation to replace a failing value. Back in 1997, the actor turned governor announced that he was undergoing surgery to repair his aortic value that was not functioning properly due to a congenital defect. During that procedure, surgeons implanted an artificial pulmonary value in what was described as an experimental procedure. The actor was 50 at the time and revealed during an interview with Barbara Walters, that he felt quite ill and weak before undergoing surgery.

There was speculation that the former body builder had taken steroids in the past and that may have led to the heart damage. However, the actor denied that accusation. The most recent surgery was intended to replace the value, but circumstances dictated that the procedure become an open heart operation in order to complete the process efficiently and save the patient’s life.

Just hours after the operation, Schwarzenegger greeted his publicist with a variation of his famous catch phrase, “I’m Back”. The former governor is expected to recover without any complications. The press release stated that the previous value failed simply due to age and wear.

Schwarzenegger gained notoriety in his early acting career for starring in a series of B-movies until he hit upon the role of the Terminator. The sci-fi hit was based on a cyborg assassin sent back to the past to ‘terminate’ a woman who would later give birth to a son who would help save humanity. The popularity of the actor in the role led to the sequels casting the actor in the role of the hero against additional evil cyborgs.

It may have been Schwarzenegger’s role as a hero problem-solver that lead to the California constituents to vote in him as their new governor. The republican favored Regan-era policies and was a popular political figure during his time in office. He has continued to be vocal in the political arena. He was selected by President Trump to replace him in the reality show “The Apprentice” when the former host ran a successful campaign for president.

The two powerful men have butted heads over certain policies including jibes against each other that condemn the jobs each have performed. Schwarzenegger has been openly critical of certain Trump policies and has further criticized the views of the current Republican party in the belief that it has lost its vision that guided it.

The actor has not discussed his future aspirations and his family has not made any public comments concerning the former governor’s health. In time, it is likely that the ‘Terminator’ will once again rise victorious, ready for his next assignment.

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