The aftermath of child exploitation through YouTube

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The aftermath of child exploitation through Youtube - The Hot Mess Press

Kids today don’t know a world without social media. While many parents do their best to protect their kids from harmful social media content, there are others who use their children for financial gain through various social media outlets. Cute kids can be popular content for so-called “mommy vloggers” on YouTube and other platforms. Some of these parents share everything about their kids. The kids obviously aren’t old enough to consent. But yet, they have their entire lives blasted online for the world to see. I don’t think we’ve yet seen the aftermath of this. But what damage will be revealed once this generation of exploited children grows up?

The aftermath of child exploitation through Youtube - The Hot Mess Press

Parents will do anything for views

Social media has proven to be a financial windfall for many. Some parents, in particular, have discovered that by sharing their lives, they can earn a quick buck. Parents vlog about their child’s medical issues and other private matters. Some don’t care to share pictures of kids in the bathtub or even on the toilet. These kids obviously don’t understand the potential implications of these photos being around forever. After all, once this stuff is online, it never truly disappears. I believe many of these kids will be traumatized once they realize how much of their personal information is available to anyone. Child predators love this stuff. But the parents don’t seem to mind as long as they are still getting that check from YouTube.

The aftermath of child exploitation through Youtube - The Hot Mess Press

YouTube allows child exploitation

Ultimately, parents should be responsible for the welfare of their children. But when they aren’t, it’s time for someone else to do something. A few years ago, it seemed that YouTube was going to take action against channels that exploited children. There were rumors that channels would be demonetized if they featured kids. A few channels were taken down entirely by the creators while other YouTuber parents removed videos that featured their kids. But the threat of action was pointless. Kids are still being exploited through YouTube every day and no one seems to care about it.

YouTube isn’t the only social media platform that allows child exploitation. But it can be one of the most profitable. Parents should protect their children from harm and that includes protecting their privacy. It’s disgusting that some parents will share private photos and personal information about their kids just to make money and gain a following. Perhaps, once these kids grow up, they will resent their parents. They may even have grounds for lawsuits against those who were supposed to protect them. It’s important that we all remember that once something is shared online, it never really goes away. Children have a right to privacy and they should not be used to make money for their parents through YouTube and other social media platforms.

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