The Art of Getting Things Done And Becoming An Accomplishment Ninja

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Hot Mess - Get things done

You really can get things done, even when you don’t want to.

I like to be busy, but I HATE being overwhelmed. Seriously. Feeling overwhelmed and overtaxed can suck the peace right out of your life, but for many of us these days, feeling overwhelmed is basically a prerequisite for getting things done. On my journey of personal development, I spend a lot of time in “problem solving” mode. There is ALWAYS a problem to solve, and this “too much to do” issue is one of them. I’m going to share with you my own personal method for getting more done without feeling like I’m overwhelmed. Now, I can’t say this method is the end-all-be-all of accomplishment, but it DOES work and it’s pretty darn powerful. I invite you to give it a try. Maybe it will work for you as well as it works for me!

The ONE NAG Method for Getting Things Done

Pick one nagging, tiny little life-problem that you’ve been putting off and deal with it TODAY. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Today, my nagging problem was a closet door that wouldn’t close because the plate and the slot were a little high. We’ve just been letting it ride, because it wasn’t a big deal. It took less than fifteen minutes to remove the plate and drill the slot out 2 mm. Now it closes perfectly, but I feel like I’ve just dumped a pebble from my shoe on a long walk.

I have been exercising this daily “procrastinated irritant” method for getting things done for several weeks and it’s made a giant difference in the way I feel. It’s strange, but amazing. It has made me realize how much space little naggy stuff takes up in my brain.

Those naggy things are like weeds in your brain. And once you start to pull them, there’s immediate gratification.

And now, the weather strip along the bottom of my front door is repaired.

My fridge is SUPER organized.

The closet door is fixed.

My bathroom vanity cabinet is organized and pared down.

The loose handle on my dresser is fixed.

The drawer in my office now glides smoothly into place.

One of the catch all files on my laptop is cleared out.

I have more drawer space.

I could go on and on… seriously, try it. It’s so small, but feels giant.

The Hot Mess Press - Get Things Done

Getting started with this “one thing” protocol is actually really simple. And because it’s just one thing, it’s pretty easy to stick with. The more you do, the more you WANT to do and the EASIER it becomes. All you have to do is set a reminder on your phone, or write yourself a note, and then pick ONE little, naggy, seemingly low-priority task that you’ve been putting off.

Maybe you have a squeaky hinge on your closet door, or a loose knob on your dresser. Maybe there’s a collection of receipts you haven’t dealt with yet or your silverware drawer has become overrun with those little leftover ketchup packets you get from fast food places. It could be anything – but it’s just ONE thing. Resist the urge to do the next naggy thing, and the next and the next. Remember, this is a habit building process, and if you burn yourself out on day one, chances are you won’t last long in the habit department.

If you try this and stick to it, before you know it, you’ll feel like the most accomplished person in the world!

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