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We’re another week closer to Christmas, people! How’s the holiday shopping going? Last week, I shared the ten worst Christmas gifts (in my opinion) and it caused a lot of discussion among friends of mine who are now disappointed that they can no longer gift me scented candles with reckless abandon. There is another side to this debate, though. What are the BEST Christmas gifts you can get someone? Here are ten helpful suggestions that will make your friends wonder if Santa is real and is actually you.

Quick caveat (I am a compulsive over-explainer). Gifts are going to depend a lot on who your recipient is and exactly what budget you’re working with. I tried to compile a list with a range of price options and suggestions will work for different people.

  1. Baked goods – Who doesn’t LOVE Christmas goodies? That being said, this is a gift that is a great option for someone that you know well enough to know whether they are on a diet or have any dietary restrictions. I still say it’s a decent gift for someone you don’t know super well, because they can always share it with others. It’s a gift that takes time and effort, but not necessarily a lot of money.
  2. Artist creations – Do you have artist friends that make things you like? Purchase their art and gift it to someone! Supporting an artist is almost a gift to the artist, as well! Even though I made fun of gifting mugs on my “worst gift” post, I’d make an exception for one that was made by an artist. I actually have two gorgeous mugs a family friend made. The sky is the limit here. Check out Etsy and support an artist that way if you don’t know any personally.
  3. Homemade items – This is pretty similar to number two, but is something you make yourself. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not a crafter – first, you might surprise yourself with what you can do, and second, it’s often the thought that counts. Just jump on Pinterest for inspiration. This is especially fun if you have kids and want them to make something for relatives.
  4. An upscale version of something they already like – If your cousin can’t start her day without green tea, why not pick up a pricier, loose-leaf version for her? Maybe your uncle loves printed socks. How about a soft pair with his dog’s face on them? This category is a great option because your recipient may not want to spend the extra money to get that item for themselves, and you’re almost guaranteed that they’ll love what you get them.
  5. A subscription service – This one depends on your budget, but there is a subscription service for almost anything you can imagine these days. It’s especially nice because your recipient will think of you any time their box arrives in the mail!
  6. ManCrates – I LOVE this site! There are all kinds of different gifts aimed at men, or people who like “masculine” things. You can even have the gift delivered in a wooden box that your man will have to open with an enclosed crowbar! I ordered one for my husband a couple of years ago, and it was a hit!
  7. Gift cards – I know a lot of people think this kind of gift is a cop-out, and it can be. However, if you’re careful to select a gift card for a store/product/restaurant that you know your recipient will enjoy, I see no reason not to go this route. (For the record, I will always get excited about gift cards for iTunes and Sephora.
  8. Portable bluetooth speaker – These are great gifts for anyone who likes music or podcasts, as long as they have a smart phone (not my Mom). They come in a range of prices and with different features. Let your music lover take her tunes on the go!
  9. A sleep mask and a weighted blanket – Literally everyone in the world needs sleep. How can you go wrong with gifts that encourage better rest? I just bought myself a sleep mask and can’t wait to use it the next time I’m traveling. I haven’t tried a weighted blanket, but can only imagine how comfortable they must feel. They can get expensive, though, so keep that budget in mind!
  10. Babysitting/Dogsitting/Housesitting – This one comes with a disclaimer. It is REALLY easy to say to your recipient, “Yeah, sure, I’ll like…watch your cat sometime,” and then never actually follow through. Work with your recipient to find a specific date they’d need your service as soon as you tell them you want to do this for them as a gift.

Do you feel ready to tackle your holiday shopping now? I hope so! Did I miss anything? Let me know what you think are the best Christmas gifts.

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