The best educational toys for toddlers

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With the holidays only a few months away, now is the perfect time to start shopping for the perfect toy for your toddler. It can be overwhelming to walk in the toy isle and see rows upon rows of toys. It can also be difficult deciding what toys will be best for your child, based on their mental and physical capabilities.  In this blog I plan to provide plenty of the great options. These toys will be fun and educational.  There will be options for children as young as infants and as old as five years. I hope that that this blog can make the stressful Christmas shopping a little bit easier.

As a mom of a 2-year-old, I always love finding new and great toys for him. Whenever I got to the store, I always have to look in the toy section to find him fun new toys.  While most toys provide a good source of entertainment and learning, Montessori toys are proven to have great benefits.  Montessori toys and learning inspire kids to be creative and provide an array of playing opportunities. These opportunities range from child centered learning, independence, creative thinking, and concentration.

Montessori Toys

Child in White Long-sleeve Top and Dungaree Trousers Playing With Lego Blocks

There are several types of toys to chose from while shopping for your little ones at the store. One option that is great, fun, and educational is Montessori inspired toys. These toys are often designed to be “open ended,” meaning that your child can find a variety of uses for them. This also means that you will not have to buy new toys as often. These toys are often very simple and made of natural materials, such as wood. Your child will be able to use Montessori toys for several years without getting bored of them. Some examples of open ended Montessori toys are blocks, animal figurines, climbing structures, plastic food, and dolls. Each of these inspire children to learn while having fun.

Puzzles and Books

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Puzzles and books are another example of some great educational options for kids. While puzzles may be too difficult for very young children, books are made for anyone, ages 0 to 100. Books can be very beneficial for young children because they help expand vocabulary, inspire creativity, and improve concentration. Books are able to benefit infants by enforcing basic concepts, such as turning pages, and teaching them to imitate sounds. For children around 18 months and up, puzzles can be a great way to have fun and learn. Puzzles provide the perfect opportunities for kids to work on their fine motor skills, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination.

Painting and Coloring

Person Coloring Art With Crayons

Another toy option that is a great choice for your children is painting and coloring. These options are for children roughly 18 months and older. Some younger children may be able to do these activities (without eating them), but it just depends on their specific skills. Painting and coloring have some of the same benefits that puzzles have. Some other benefits are that it promotes early writing and pencil holding skills, focusing, and it is a soothing activity. In the past few years, adult coloring books have become more popular because they help to relax, sooth, and reduce anxiety.

Electronic Toys

Little Girl Holding a Tablet

One type of toy that is always popular is electronic toys. While these toys may not be as educational as some of the previous options, they can still be a great choice. Children may not always want to work hard in order to have fun and play with their toys, and that’s okay! Some days it may be easier for your child to play with a toy that sings, spins, or makes sounds with only the push of a button. These types of toys can still inspire creativity and stimulate the senses. I personally have found that toys like this inspire my child to sing, dance, and imitate whatever the toy is doing. These are all great skills to benefit your child.


As you can see, there are so many wonderful options to consider when buying toys. It is important to find things that inspire your kids and will help them grow. Although each of these toys may have some awesome benefits, I believe it is important to incorporate all different types of toys into your child’s life. This will help teach your child so many great lessons and they will have fun while doing it! Just remember that you are a great parent, no matter the toys that you buy.

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