The Birth of Halloween and Are We Going to Hell for Celebrating It? Part 4

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We’ve covered a lot of ground in our previous segments regarding Halloween. Maybe you believe that Halloween derived from the Celtic traditions of Samhain. Or, maybe you believe that Halloween was the Christian invention of the triduum, ” Allhallowtide”. No matter the origin, there is certainly a Christian influence on the holiday, especially in certain parts of the world.

Remember, Allhallowtide is celebrated over the course of three days and is very Christian in practice: priests bless graves, some churchyards will be decorated and people leave candles and flowers on the grave sites of deceased loved ones. Still, today’s American Halloween customs do not conjure images of Christian worship. In a later piece, we will look at how many of our current traditions began, but for now let’s focus on whether or not this is a holiday we should be celebrating as Christians.

Kirk Cameron became a Christian in his early twenties and has since become a religious activist. Some of us know him as “Mike Seaver” from the huge television hit “Growing Pains”– but you already know this, Tiger Beat fans! Others know him for the controversial remarks he made about homosexuals. Christians applaud his work in “Fireproof” and support his work through Liberty University. So what does this former childhood superstar and current Christian activist say about Halloween? It might jolt you:

“You should have the biggest party on your block, and you should have the reason for everyone to come to your house and before anyone else’s house because yours is the most fun”!!! — Kirk Cameron

WHAT??? This famous Christian advocate says that we, as Christians, should hold the biggest party on the block??? Yippee!!! You can read the entire article here, including his practical suggestions on how to share Christ with those who come to your house during this holiday.

There will be one hundred Christian “anti-Halloweeners” for each Christian that supports Halloween, I’m sure. Here is the bottom line for me. When I was a child, I did not think about whether or not Halloween was a Christian holiday. I just knew that when I knocked on someone’s door and said, “Trick-or-Treat!”, a complete and total stranger would dump candy into my bag. And if went trick-or-treating near ‘closing time’, I’d get LOTS more candy. I also had fun putting on my costume and being someone totally different for two hours while I begged for candy. And then the evening was over and I had days or weeks to enjoy my treats. This is the experience I allow my kids to have as well. After all, I grew up celebrating Halloween and became a Christian anyway, so my kids might, too 😉

There is no denying that some Halloween enthusiasts take things a bit too far at times, but that is their prerogative. That’s just life and since we are in the world, that’s something we’ll be exposed to every year. But we don’t have to be of the world to enjoy a fun holiday.

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CJ Heath is glad that she did this segment on Halloween. She’s feels secure that it is NOT demonic, nor are her children of the devil if they dress up in costumes and beg for treats. And now she wants candy.

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