The cancellation of LIVE PD and Cops: The era of censorship

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The cancellation of LIVE PD, Cops, and more: The era of censorship - The Hot Mess Press

Our country is in a tough spot right now. It seems that hate, anger, and animosity are coming from every direction. At first, there was hope that life may return to normal as Coronavirus restrictions were lifted. But that hope has changed into uncertainty due to looting, violence, and general unrest. These extreme measures do nothing but lead to more division. Censorship of popular media is another effect of hostility in the US.  Right now, those with a semblance of power believe they know what’s best for the public when it comes to viewing police-centered TV shows. The cancellation of LIVE PD and other popular shows denies the public the opportunity to see a realistic and positive view of everyday police work. Removing these shows means we no longer have the right to form our own opinion.  Instead, we are being fed the narrative that all police are bad.

The cancellation of LIVE PD ignores good police work

I admit that my reaction to the cancellation of LIVE PD is more emotional than most people. I’ve watched the show for years and also have been a fan of Cops since I can remember. The popularity of these shows comes from the realistic depiction of the types of interactions that law enforcement officers deal with every day. Some are good while others are downright scary. It’s important that the public understands that police officers are human and they react accordingly. Anyone who’s watched either of these shows for a reasonable amount of time can see that most officers are decent and hardworking people.

Why cancel popular shows?

A recent interview with Dan Abrams, the host of LIVE PD and one of the show’s producers, expressed his extreme disappointment in the cancellation of the show. According to A&E Network, they ceased production of the show due to negative attitudes towards police and the overall climate in the US. LIVE PD was the perfect platform to show the positive side of police work.  The latest rumor is that Paw Patrol, a popular kid’s show featuring animated dogs as first responders, is the next show to be removed from the air. Parents are understandably upset and many are using social media to voice their frustrations.

The benefits of police shows

LIVE PD frequently featured segments on missing children. Many of these kids were found due to leads provided by those watching the show, which averaged around 2 million viewers per episode. Showing the police in a positive light is beneficial, not harmful. The only reason to remove police shows from the air is to prevent the public from seeing the truth. Police officers are trying to make a living in a very difficult line of work. It’s a line of work that most people simply can’t or won’t do. Social media is filled with posts claiming that all police are racist. That’s an unfair generalization based on a few bad cops. It’s a kneejerk reaction that comes from a place of anger, not logic. These shows help the public see that the police are there when they’re needed.

The effects of censorship should be a concern for everyone, whether you enjoy police shows or not.  This is not the time to remove shows that depict real cops doing their job. This is the time to showcase the fact that they are doing their best based on the situations they are in. If you’re interested in doing your part to prevent censorship of shows that promote good police work, you can sign the change.org petition to bring back LIVE PD. We need to work together to create an environment where we have access to all the facts. It’s important that the public is allowed to form their own opinion. This is the time to support law enforcement officers. Remember, you may need them one day.

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