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The Happiness Press - Fairy tales

Did you love fairy tales as a kid? I think most of us have enjoyed them at some point in our lives. (Even though I was REALLY disappointed to find that woodland creatures would NOT to my chores for me.) But eventually, we all realized that fairy tales were just that – tales. Not anymore! I’ve got several heartwarming stories for you this week that will make you believe in Mother Goose all over again! The Happiness Press says fairy tales do come true!

Happily ever after

So many fairy tales deal with romance, and that’s the exact focus of this sweet story. An OB-GYN in Atlanta and her husband decided to use the viral video site, TikTok, to tell their love story in just a matter of seconds! They lined up two rows of shoes, his and hers, and use each pair to represent a phase of their romance. The first time they met, getting engaged, getting married, their work accomplishments, and their two children. People loved the video and its been viewed over 4 million times! The couple was just happy to share the last eleven years of their lives perfectly encapsulated by their footwear! 

“I do” — believe in magic

The nonprofit organization, Brides Across America, has long held the mission of donating bridal gowns. They normally focus on women in the military and those who work as first responders. They decided to expand their reach to include healthcare workers serving during the coronavirus pandemic. The founder, Heidi Janson, said she felt compelled to do something for women who are putting their lives on the line, the same way that their recipients in other categories do. The lucky brides have been grateful for the donation. Many of them don’t have the time to do their demanding work, plan a wedding, AND go shopping for a gown. It’s the next best thing to having a fairy godmother!

Wine wishes

A Facebook group in Long Island decided that kids shouldn’t get all the fun when it comes to magical surprises involving fairies. They decided to start leaving bottles of wine and other grown-up goodies on the porches of their friends and neighbors while dressed as “Wine Fairies.” Their good deeds have been caught on numerous front porch security cameras, with some people dressing in “traditional” fairy attire, and others showing up in blow-up animal costumes. The fairies have tried especially to target people who need a laugh in these tough times.  They have also raised money for local food pantries through t-shirt sales.

I hope these fun stories convinced you that magic really exists all around us. Or, at least, it does if YOU make it so! If you’ve got a story about how fairy tales really do come true, the Happiness Press would love to hear it…while we open our care package from the wine fairies, that is!

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