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The Happiness Press - Happy coincidences

Everyone has a story about a strange coincidence. Mine is how I moved to Atlanta, started working at a toy store, and made friends with a coworker whose close family happened to be from my hometown – which was nearly 2000 miles away! My sister and his cousin had been best friends in school! This week, we’re going to focus on stories of strangely connected events that will make you believe that the universe is part of a goodness conspiracy! The Happiness Press salutes happy coincidences!

Two of hearts

A man and his family went hiking on a nature trail in Alberta, Canada. He suffered a heart attack and collapsed, but fortunately, a cardiac surgeon happened to be nearby. The surgeon rushed over to assist with CPR and first aid efforts. After going to a local hospital to be stabilized, the man transferred to another medical center. It just happened to be where the same doctor worked! The family of the man found out and requested that the surgeon be the one to perform the man’s needed heart surgery. The surgeon performed a four and a half hour quintuple bypass surgery. The procedure should help the man make a full recovery. The man plans to return to the trail on the year anniversary of his heart attack, and the surgeon has said he’ll join him to celebrate!


When State Trooper Michael Patterson pulled over a driver for illegally-tinted windows, he figured it would be just a run-of-the-mill traffic stop resulting in a ticket and nothing more. But what happened next goes into the hall of fame for happy coincidences! The driver he pulled over was a retired police officer and started chatting with the young trooper. The two men found out they were from the same small town. The retired officer decided to tell the trooper one of the most memorable stories from his time on the force – when he helped deliver a baby boy at a residence.

The mother had started contractions while at the grocery store and thought she’d have enough time to meet her husband at home and then go to the hospital. They had to call for help when they realized the baby was coming right away. The retired officer recounted how it was one of his most memorable calls. The trooper asked what the name of the baby was – turns out HE was the baby the officer delivered that night! The two men were completely blown away by their chance meeting. The trooper said it was one of the reasons he became a cop. The two families got to share a happy reunion late last year.

What are the chances?

About three years ago, Michigan man Mark Clark won an $4 million dollar prize from an instant lottery. He used a coin his father had given him 10 years ago to scratch the ticket. Soon after his win, he retired to an easy life. His father passed away about a year ago, but seemed to leave his luck behind. Clark recently used the same coin on another scratch off ticket and one ANOTHER $4 million dollars! He plans to spend his time fishing with his son, the way he and his dad often did after he won the first prize. 

We hope you enjoyed these tales of kismet – if you’ve got any of your own, we’d love to hear them! We’re all about happy coincidences at the Happiness Press!

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