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The pandemic cannot stop love! That’s the lesson we can take from this past week, especially since many of us just celebrated Mother’s Day. Whether you were able to be with your mom in person, or if you had to make do with a video chat (like I did). Maybe you spent the day wishing you could tell her how much you love her, but the love is constant. For a lot of us, our moms are the first people who ever love us, oftentimes before we came to be. Maybe you will want to share these heartwarming stories with your mom or someone else special to you. This week, The Happiness Press salutes love of all kinds!

It is your wedding day

The latest episode of “Some Good News” did not disappoint! For those keeping score, I cried about 4 minutes and thirty seconds in. SGN highlighted sweet displays of love from all across the world! From adorable toddler siblings apologizing to each other, to elderly couples sharing a dance out in their driveways, the resilience and warmth of the human spirit was on full display. The highlight of the entire video was a cast reunion of “The Office”! They came together to celebrate the online nuptials of a couple who are huge office fans. The couple re-created the proposal of popular characters Jim (played by host John Krasinski, if you didn’t know) and Pam (played by Jenna Fischer, who was a virtual attendee/matron of honor)! SGN made sure to include the parents and close friends of the bride and groom so everyone could join in the fun.

Episode 7 of “Some Good News”

River rescue

Many people are using quarantine as motivation to get outside and get active, and one off-duty California Highway Patrol officer and his wife were no different. They were hiking near Yosemite National Park when they came across another hiker who was caught in a whirlpool. The officer and several other good samaritans took action to save the hiker’s life. The officer had some ropes and was able to toss one to the hiker. The other heroes held onto the officer who pulled the hiker to safety. First responders found that the hiker only had minor injuries. The officer’s wife shared her video of the daring rescue to social media, so we could all give three cheers for teamwork!

The kids are alright

What would you do if you found a few hundred dollars on the ground? I’ll admit – keeping it would cross my mind. However, two teens in Arkansas made a much better choice. They found $600 on the floor of a grocery store. Rather than pocketing it, they decided to turn it in to a store employee. The kids didn’t think much of their good deed until a Facebook post from the store manager about the event went viral. People from all over wanted to thank them! As it turns out, an elderly man had returned looking for the money. The Arkansas House of Representatives sent the teens letters of commendation and the two are now hometown heroes!

Kindness to-go!

In a story straight out of a Victor Hugo novel, the kind act of one owner of a Marco’s Pizza in Texas inspired people across the country. The owner’s pizza store was robbed recently. The thieves got away with a bit of money, but there wasn’t a lot of cash in the store to be had. Rather than become bitter, the Marco’s owner decided to post on Facebook instead. He said that anyone who was hungry could come to his store for food. All they had to do was reference the Facebook post and he would provide the person with a meal. By the way, if this sweet story isn’t enough to make you want to order from Marco’s, my husband and I LOVE their pizza! Go make your tummy happy!

Love, love, love

I hope these stories were like a warm hug for you! Please don’t hesitate to share your own good news, especially those that show how much love humans can give to each other. The Happiness Press salutes all kinds of great stories of love!

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