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Though “Some Good News”, the YouTube channel that inspired this weekly feature, is currently on hiatus (for now), that doesn’t mean good news has stopped! Here are some feel-good stories to brighten your week. The Happiness Press is here to remind you there is still good news out there!

What Would Jesus Do?

Many practicing Muslims participate in ritual prayers that often take place in a mosque. This is the holy month of Ramadan, and one mosque in Berlin was unable to accommodate all of its worshipers due to the current social distancing guidelines. So a nearby church opened its doors to allow more Muslim people to have the chance to participate in prayers. The church held prayer services in both Arabic and German. Muslim worshipers were grateful to their Christian brethren and felt a sense of community. One said that though he was not accustomed to worshipping in a setting with pictures and musical instruments, he appreciated that it was still a House of God and that that was what mattered most!

Audio for the Older Crowd

The pandemic has hit older adults particularly hard, as they are more likely to be isolated from other people. A “pirate” radio station stepped in to help ease the loneliness. The show, Radio Recliner is run by retirees and focuses on stories and music that this age group would enjoy. The show was only supposed to air for a month, but the overwhelmingly positive response convinced creators to keep it going as long as possible. Those who want to DJ can sign up and there is also a number to make requests and dedications.

Special Delivery of Kindness

A FedEx driver recently posted a video on TikTok telling the story of a 6-year-old boy, Cooper, who flagged him down one day. Cooper asked the driver to deliver his skateboard to pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk. The driver hoped that his story on TikTok would make it to Hawk, and it did! Hawk privately gave his address to FedEx and received the skateboard the boy intended for him. Hawk also sent Cooper and his brother two skateboards in return and said, in a video response, that he hopes they can all meet in person one day.

Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue…Aquarium!

The Georgia Aquarium, the largest in the Western Hemisphere, recently announced the happy news that one of their beluga whales had given birth! Whisper gave birth to a healthy calf earlier this month, but the aquarium waited to make the official announcement. The pair are temporarily isolated from the four other resident belugas and will be introduced in the near future. Representatives for the aquarium say that this birth is an important part of maintaining the population of belugas in North America. Animal Planet will air a special at 10 pm (EST) on May 30th about the entire event!

That’s going to wrap it up for another week! We here at The Hot Mess Press hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. Until next time, when The Happiness Press returns to prove that there’s still good news!

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