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The Happiness Press Together we can

We are still a world in crisis. With or without racism or a pandemic, that will likely never change. However, if we can learn anything from all the troubles that humanity currently faces, it is that we are best when we work together. People are capable of greatness on their own, but when folks unite for a common goal, they can become a force of unstoppable goodness. So this week, The Happiness Press is here to say that together, we can do anything!

A class act

A group of eighth grade students in New Mexico didn’t let a change of plans change their hearts. They had been looking forward to a rafting trip scheduled for the end of the school year. Naturally, the pandemic meant they had to cancel their celebration. Rather than let their efforts to raise money go to waste, they decided to donate the $2,800 to that Navajo Nation. The Navajo Nation has struggled with the pandemic, contracting more cases of COVID-19 than any state per capita. The kids, with some help from their parents, used the money to purchase and collect supplies. One parent, along with her daughters, delivered the items in person in Arizona. The teacher of the class reports that she is proud of her students, but not surprised at their altruism. Now, that’s a classy class!

Talk about good news!

Here’s a story about one man helping a large group of people – more than 120 senior citizens! Greg Dailey delivers newspapers in his New Jersey town every morning. When an older resident asked him to leave her paper closer to the house, he realized she and other seniors were probably having difficulty getting other basic tasks done during the pandemic. He left a note in his newspapers telling customers that he would be happy to grocery shop – for free – for anyone who needed it. Dailey now helps seniors outside of his delivery route as well, all of whom are exceedingly grateful for his kindness. He and his daughter, who helps him, say they may continue the service even after the pandemic ends. Such a special delivery!

Parental guidance

If you have a child in your life whose achievements mean as much to you as they do to the child, you’ll love this story! Melinda Oliver was waiting anxiously to see if she would be accepted to to law school, which finally happened, to her great delight. She told her sister and a few friends right away, but wanted to do something special for her mother. Oliver’s says her mom, who adopted her as a single parent, has always been her biggest champion. She recorded herself telling her mother the good news. It wasn’t just her acceptance into law school, but also that Oliver had been awarded a $40,000 scholarship! Her video got more than 2 million views on social media. Another currently-practicing lawyer loved it so much, he offered to pay for Oliver’s books and airfare. Oliver hopes that her story will inspire people from all walks of life, but particularly black women, to aim for the stars and hold fast to the people who support you along the way.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s happy stories! Remember the saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. Together, we can achieve anything!

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