The Happiness Press: We can all make a difference

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It’s time once again for your weekly dose of uplifting stories from around the world! Though troubles continue, stories of human triumph remind us of what we can achieve. There is no limit to human potential, or just how far-reaching goodness can go. The Happiness Press says we can all make a difference!

Right on, Target!

Many employees have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Several essential businesses made the choice to pay employees extra for risking their health to get all of us needed supplies. Retail giant Target recently decided to make its recent raise for all employees permanent! Target intended to raise all employees to a minimum of $15 per hour by the end of this year. It announced instead that this would start in early July! Employees worried that the “hazard pay” Target started offering at the beginning of the pandemic would expire soon, but Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, says the company’s employees are central to its success and the company will also pay a $200 bonus to eligible employees. As if any of us needed more reasons to shop at Target!

Kindness is not a black and white issue

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the globe, one protester recently showed extreme kindness to someone on the other side of the line. BLM protester Patrick Hutchinson was participating in a London event when violence erupted between his side and some counter-protestors. Hutchinson saw a white man, Bryn Male, who is actually a former police officer, hurt and lying on some stairs surrounded by people. He sprang into action, getting his friends to form a protective circle around Male. Hutchinson picked him up and carried him to safety so he wouldn’t get trampled in the confusion. Hutchinson said he didn’t want the protests to become about anyone else dying or being hurt. He proved that love is what will save us all.

Music heals

When Portland State University student Madisen Hallberg was singing the national anthem on her campus, she didn’t expect someone else to join in. But opera singer Emmanuel Henreid, who is black, heard her voice, he felt compelled to ask if they could duet together. She agreed and the moment was captured on video for the world to see. Their rendition together is beautiful and touched many, with the video going viral. The two say that signing together requires listening, which can lead to beautiful results. It’s certainly a lesson we can all hold in our hearts!


These are just a sampling of the good news that happened in the world this week. It is okay for us to focus on the goodness of people, because doing so can make dealing with the hard times easier. And remember, no matter how small an action, we all can make a difference.

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