The Jen Psaki definition of ‘stranded’ is unique

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Jen Psaki, cartoon of woman speaking at podium

Like most God-fearing people in America, I’ve been praying unceasingly. I pray for the safety and well-being of fellow Americans and Afghani people who are trapped in a country that is now under terrorist rule. You could spend countless hours reading about the foolish and corrupt things Joe Biden has done since he took office. (And, I mean that verb literally.) Jen Psaki has given a laughable performance since Day One. I say laughable but maddening, infuriating and despicable are just as fitting.

If you’re behind in current events, you can read about Biden’s latest failure (Afghanistan) here. This debacle is what prompted Jen Psaki to stand before a group of reporters. She was answering questions about Americans who never made it out of Kabul. Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan. Taliban terrorists are now in control of it, while U.S. citizens are still there and are unable to leave. What do you call it when a person needs to leave a specific location and is unable to do so? The word “stranded” comes to mind, right? Given the fact that Americans are in Kabul and are unable to get out of Kabul, we can logically apply the term “stranded” to their crisis situation.

Jen Psaki needs to look up the word ‘stranded’ in a dictionary

If you look up the word ‘stranded’ in a dictionary, you’ll find definitions similar to this one: Left without the means to move from somewhere. Hence, if Americans in Kabul have no immediate means to leave Kabul, then they are stranded. Right? Right. In fact, in this particular situation, the phrase ‘hostage situation’ would also apply. Oddly, Jen Psaki does not agree. As you can see in this video clip of her exchange with Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy, she adamantly states that there are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan. Take a look:

Jen Psaki versus Peter Doocy

Doocy prefaced his question to Psaki by saying that most people don’t take issue with Biden for pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. What they find reprehensible is that he ordered the removal BEFORE safely evacuating U.S. citizens and Afghani allies. In addition to Americans, there are Afghani women, men and children stranded, as well. Jen Psaki told Doocy he was irresponsible for using that term. She said no Americans are stranded because “we” are committed to bringing them home.

Jen Psaki doesn’t understand that being committed to and actually doing are two separate issues

According to Jen Psaki, if someone wants to help you leave a place and is, perhaps, taking steps to try to make transportation available to you to leave a place, then you are not stranded. However, if you consider the dictionary definition of the word ‘stranded’, it says “left without means to move from somewhere.” Hence, if the means are not where you are, then you can’t leave; therefore, you’re stranded!

Someone needs to tell Jen Psaki and her leftist pals that good intentions don’t get people out of terrorist war zones. Unless and until Joe Biden and his croonies make good on their promise of evacuation assistance, the U.S. citizens and Afghani allies are trapped and STRANDED in Kabul!

If I miss my bus, I am stranded

Imagine missing the bus you need to get home. It is your only means of transportation and it’s gone. You have no way of calling for help and no way of getting where you need to go without that bus. You are stranded. Someone somewhere might figure out that you didn’t get on the bus. They might try to get word to you and try to arrange for alternate means of transportation. But, unless and until their intentions become reality, you are STRANDED.

No matter how much they want to help you, until a vehicle arrives and you get on it, you’re stranded. How dare Jen Psaki or anyone from the Biden regime say that the U.S. citizens and Afghani allies left behind are not stranded?!

Common sense dictates getting civilians out safely BEFORE removing troops

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Biden blew it, big time. He foolishly (or, perhaps, as many suspect, corruptly) pulled out our troops before bringing our civilians home. Even someone with a most basic understanding of military strategy can logically assume that you get civilians out first. Then, you remove all the equipment (Biden left billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment, vehicles, ammunition and more in the hands of the Taliban.) Finally, you remove the troops. And, likely, any Commander in Chief who has the best interests of America in mind would send engineers in to destroy the bases we built in Kabul and surrounding regions before pulling out the troops.

Jen Psaki is a fool for claiming that Americans are not stranded in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden, in my opinion, has failed in his duty as Commander in Chief and should undergo trial by court-martial.


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