The lowdown on your dog’s weird pre-poop circling

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The low down on your dog’s weird pre-poop circling

Man’s best friends have many weird ways that seem to be in-born because they all do it. For example, the way they make circles before they poop. Sometimes, your dog will do the circling thing and then move on to another spot. Have you ever wondered why they circle potential poop spots, and what makes the second or third spot better than the first? Similarly, dogs often make those circles before they are satisfied with where to lie down.

According to a New York City veterinarian, Dr. Stephanie Austin, several reasons exist for this behavior. She says all of them are deep-rooted.

Weird sniffing dog

A weird safety check

Think of it as a reconnaissance operation. Have you ever heard how Australians check the loo for snakes before they sit down? Well, your pooch has a similar in-born need to make sure the chosen spot is safe. They do not want to be stung or bitten in the behind while doing their business. Don’t forget, Doggo will be vulnerable once he’s settled in.

Weird pooping dog

A weird hygiene check

Have you ever wiped the toilet seat at public facilities? I bet you have. Your pup might have the same thing about hygiene. Therefore only the cleanest piece of grass or sidewalk will do.

Two sniffing dogs
Will they find a long-lost friend was here?

“Doggo was here”

Your dog has anal glands with which he deposits scents to tell other dogs, “I was here!” You can read about all the information those scents can leave for the next visitor to that poop-spot here.

Essentially, Doggo will tell others where else he’s been, and the message will remain there even after you’ve scooped up and removed the evidence. This method of marking their territory is also an in-born canine trait.

Your dog might have a weird need to face north while pooping

Interesting information came from German and Czech researchers in 2013. They studied the toilet behaviors of no less than 70 dogs from 37 breeds. The researchers claim that dogs have in-born needs to avoid emptying their bladders and bowels while facing east or west. I’m not joking; they said dogs line themselves up with the north-south axis, based on Earth’s magnetic poles. However, they have not yet determined whether this preference was unconscious or conscious behavior.

So, next time you take Doggo for a walk, be patient. His circling of various spots before finding THE ONE might mean he spotted dangers lurking in the grass, or he’s trying to figure out south and north from east and west!

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