The magic of jasmine blooms

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Jasmine bloom

There is no shortage of evidence of the benefits of exposure to nature. However, the busy lives of many city dwellers who live in apartment complexes leave them little time to benefit from the healing powers of nature. That is unfortunate because they are more likely to build up high stress and anxiety levels. However, plants like jasmine can be grown indoors. Further to my article about the effectiveness of essential oils, I’d like to share the secret healing powers of the delicate aroma of jasmine blooms. Jasmine against pollution

Did you know that air pollution is a significant contributor to ill health — both physically and mentally? Studies indicate that specific plants rid the air of toxins. However, they also have the powers to combat panic attacks and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The magic healing powers of jasmine

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The exotic, intense and intoxicating scent of jasmine blooms has inspired many a poet. Its fragrant blossoms are rich, sweet and sensual. Some varieties hide their magic during the day, and the flowers open when darkness falls to release their delicate fragrance throughout the nighttime hours. The good news is that you can grow this exotic plant indoors.

Recent research shows that people who breathed in the aromatic fragrance of jasmine immediately felt calmer. Furthermore, they discovered that growing jasmine in your home could significantly relieve or even eliminate stress. They also found that its fragrance encourages a positive mindset and improves mental health.

How did the researchers study the benefits of jasmine?

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Professor Hanns Hatt conducted the study at Ruhr University in Germany. He used mice to study precisely how the fragrance of different plants affected them. When he exposed the mice to the aroma released by the jasmine plants and also pure jasmine oil, they appeared serene and calm. The mice showed no agitation and displayed no activity.

After their exposure to the aromatic scents, Professor Hatt studied their resulting brain scans. The results showed that this aromatherapy-type exposure improved the positive effect of GABA. An important chemical that affects the nervous system. The chemical reaction GABA produced after inhalation of the jasmine aroma eliminated anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, it caused calmness and encouragement to sit still.

The many benefits proved by researchers

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Professor Hatt’s study confirmed the fact that breathing the jasmine plant’s scent reduces or eliminates stress.

More recent research indicates that along with reducing nervous tension and improving the mood, the fragrance of jasmine also balances hormone levels. Furthermore, the scent enhances sleep quality, cognitive abilities and alertness. Additional benefits include treating mood swings, loss of libido, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

More researchers have come to believe that jasmine could effectively replace sleeping pills, sedatives and anti-anxiety medications as a natural substitute. In the form of essential oil, this plant has proven to be an effective treatment for muscle spasms and mild depression. It also boosts mental concentration and it can eliminate insomnia.

A study at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia showed that inhaling jasmine aromas in the bedroom reduced restlessness during sleep and significantly improved sleep quality.

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Modern-day life is filled with causes of stress, depression and anxiety. Why treat such problems with harmful drugs if natural remedies like the aroma of jasmine blooms can do the healing?

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