The “MeTube” Generation – Sometimes I Disgust Myself

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We make people famous for being idiots. Sometimes I am downright ashamed at myself for contributing to the impending idiocracy of humanity. I find myself watching YouTube on a semi-regular basis, usually at the behest of a random post on social media.

I get sucked into the rampant displays of human ignorance and I either shake my head in disbelief and tag someone who will be equally dismayed, or I *gasp* actually share the post on my own pages and watch the responses amass.

It dawned on me, after overhearing a group of chattering young men who were, for lack of better terminology, channeling their inner idiots. As I stood in line to purchase a tube of lip gloss, I overheard the trio discussing their big plans to become famous by hosting a stupid-stunt show on YouTube. It was very clear to me that this trio of tomorrow’s leaders planned to be the next Jack Ass crew and as I mentally conducted the biggest eyeroll humanity has ever witnessed, it dawned on me — I am a hypocrite.

The very reason so many people are famous for being famous, and honestly believe that the whole world cares how many activated mousetraps the human backside can effectively support, is because of ME — and people just like me.  We scoffers and eyerollers who quickly pass judgement on the stupidity exhibited in video form, but just as quickly share, comment, tag or otherwise engage and condone the behavior.

After enduring this painful self-revelation, I was forced to make a choice. Either I stop watching, sharing, tagging, etc., OR I stop assuming the worst of those who choose to seek their futures on a YouTube channel.

I haven’t decided which route to take, but my gut tells me I’m better off choosing the latter. I seriously doubt my ability to refrain from watching a video recommended to me by a friend, no matter how stupid I expect it to be. And let’s just be serious; I’m voluntarily conducting viral marketing for something I consider to be idiotic — essentially working for free toward the benefit of these pillar members of the MeTube generation — while they laugh all the way to the bank.

So I ask you, who’s the idiot?

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