The police ambush everyone should be talking about

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On September 12th, 2020, two LAPD officers were shot while sitting in their squad car.  Yes, it happened and the mainstream media isn’t reporting it as they should. For some reason, the facts about this completely unprovoked shooting are not being featured as a top story. This is the police ambush everyone should be talking about. It flies directly in the face of the anti-police agenda promoted by many mainstream media sources. The frequency of anti-police stories flooding the media every day means that those who support law enforcement officers need to take action.  It’s important to spread the news about the conditions law enforcement officers have to work in.

We get one side of the story

Stories about police violence against civilians are everywhere in the news and on social media. The mainstream media loves to give you one side of the story. That side usually has information taken out of context. It puts law enforcement officers in a bad light. Then social justice warriors spread misinformation and the pitchforks are out. Much of the media would have you believe that cops are out on the streets every day murdering innocent citizens. Why do these sources ignore the fact that police officers are being targeted simply for doing their jobs? The hate that surrounds those who work in law enforcement means they’re constantly working in a hostile environment.

The aftermath of the police ambush

These officers, a 31-year old mother, and a 24-year old male officer did not go home to their families that Saturday night. They both suffered multiple wounds and will need to undergo serious treatment and likely a painful recovery process. As the officers were rushed in for treatment, anti-police protesters attempted to block the entrance of the emergency room. Some also shouted vile things about hoping the police officers die. So, where’s the outrage about this attack? Where are the thousands of protesters on the streets shouting against this violent act?

Violence against police is not the solution

Many people say that being exposed to violence on the job is what police officers sign up for. They say it’s part of the job description. Which is true in a sense. Most officers know the risk they’re taking every day as they go to work. But the same can be said for those who commit crimes. Anyone who chooses to commit a crime knows the risks involved. So, those who say that officers are willingly putting themselves at risk should say the same of looters and rioters. This applies to anyone who commits a crime, encounters police, and doesn’t follow orders. They know the risks and decided to take a chance.

Obviously, there are times when excessive force is used by some police officers. But, think about the number of times police all over the country encounter people in a single day. Then compare that to the number of injuries and deaths caused by police officers on the job. The vast majority of people walk away from police encounters unharmed. We need to stop sensationalizing the encounters that end with injury or death. It’s important to look at facts and actual data. This police ambush shows the extremist opinions that lead to violence. Everyone needs to be aware of the attacks that are happening to our police officers. Defunding police and reducing safety resources is not the answer. We need to acknowledge the difficulties that officers face when on the job. Then, maybe we can greatly reduce violence between officers and citizens.

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