The Timeless Relevance of Beatles Music

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I recently watched an episode of James Corden Carpool Karaoke that featured Paul McCartney as the special guest. It was truly my favorite spot, ever. I’m a big fan of Carpool Karaoke because I find it highly entertaining to see celebrities who are willing to be down to earth and silly for a few moments, just to remind us all (and themselves, perhaps) that we may be different but we’re all the same in many respects as well.

Before I go on, I must admit something to the world at large, that being that while I am a Beatles fan, I’ve never been much of a McCartney fan – until today. I feel like I owe Mr. McCartney an apology for all the decades when I thought he came across as a stuck-up, full-of-himself star who never gave his fellow band members near enough credit for their talents.

As I watched McCartney interact with Corden on their carpool ride, giving him a tour of Liverpool that included an inside visit to the rowhouse where he and his brother grew up (and where he and John Lennon wrote their big hit, “She Loves You,”) I find him to be a humble, nice, funny, thoughtful, pensive, appreciative man. In fact, I came away from this short video feeling like I know more about McCartney now than I did in all my childhood years, listening to his music and watching him on TV.

I was surprised to learn that many of his songs were written about his small-town life with his mum, dad and brother, including the mega-hit, “A Day in the Life,” which McCartney said was taken directly from his day-to-day efforts to drag himself out of bed and get to school on time.

I actually teared up when McCartney shared sweet stories and memories about his parents, how his dad requested that he and Lennon change the “yeah, yeah, yeah” in She Loves You to “yes, yes, yes” for the sake of British pride, and how their arguably all-time biggest hit, “Let It Be,” was written after his deceased mother came to him in a dream and told him everything was going to be alright and he just needed to “let it be.”

The carpool karaoke episode ended with McCartney playing LIVE in a pub, filled to overflowing capacity with fans, inviting them and Corden to sing along to “Hey Jude.” At one point, Corden thanked McCartney for giving us, his fans and the whole world the gift of joy and positive messages in decades’ worth of music. He also said he felt the underlying message of peace, joy and love that comes through so many Beatles tunes is more relevant and needed today than ever.

McCartney then expounded on the mysterious power of music and how it can evoke such strong emotions. He said this just after Corden shed a few tears after signing Let It Be with his music idol, explaining that his grandfather used to play the song for him and how he would have loved to have been there to see that scene unfold. In a quiet, solemn manner, McCartney replied, “He is. He is.”

I was touched when the former lead singer of one of the greatest rock groups in history said he and his companions thought their “ride to the top” and their music would last, perhaps 10 years and they were more shocked than anyone that it just kept going and going and going until this very day, when new fans continue to join the old in relishing the tremendous, uplifting harmonies and memories of The Beatles.


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