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Parenting is definitely one of the most rewarding yet challenging experiences of a lifetime. You might be the mom of a single blessing or one of many. Either way, you’ve likely navigated a roller-coaster of emotions along your parenting journey. Most moms can relate to some days (weeks, months, even years) being better than others. Things that make moms happy at the start of their journeys often differ quite a bit once they become seasoned mothers.

The more mom experience you have under your belt, the happier you might get over little, seemingly insignificant things. Admit it. You’ve busted an ear-to-ear grin when an unexpected opportunity has arisen and you found yourself alone in an early morning hour.  There you were, smiling away, with a piping hot cup of coffee in your hands. You were happy because no other human being was nearby.

Things that make moms happy versus the non-moms

Such a moment might be par for the course to a single, non-parent person. To a mom who has been at her game a good number of years, it’s akin to getting an actual, factual glimpse of heaven.

The following list of things that make moms happy, includes moments that might be meaningless to non-moms but priceless and joyous to you:

  • Realizing it is Friday when you thought it was only Thursday
  • Climbing into a bed that is lined with clean sheets, fresh out of the dryer
  • Having leftover chocolate after filling your kids’ Valentine boxes or Easter baskets
  • Using a pen that writes nicely
  • Cleaning the lint screen on the dryer
  • Making it through an entire process of toiletry needs without anyone knocking on the bathroom door
  • Scoring a major deal at the store — any store — on any item
  • Getting all your kids’ names right or birthdays in the correct order on the first try

Ahhh, such situations can be blissful to a woman who has been a mother for more than a year. I actually made a terrible blunder once, regarding the last issue on this list. You can read about it, here.

Dreams change after babies arrive

Pre-parenting dreams of long walks along a deserted beach and hours of luxurious bubble bathing tend to fade in time. New dreams might include distant hopes of actually getting to taste one of the brownies you make before hoards of hands dip into the pan. Such hands tend to leave only crumbs. In fact, you might find crumbs on the pan, counter, floor and across the house to wherever the brownie-eater traveled.

Parenthood has a way of making us lower our standards. This can be a blessing in the sense that we learn to simplify our lives. We find joy in the present moments of our days. It also has a way of stretching us to our limits and causing exhaustion beyond any level we ever knew existed. This is why things that make moms happy often include: Sleep!

Wouldn’t change it for the world

Parenting is frequently comprised of fatigue, busyness, financial strain and sometimes, an exasperating course of events. It’s definitely worth it, right? We love our kids and we can’t imagine life without them. Okay, maybe we can imagine it but we would never desire it. Instead, we keep plugging along as best we can. The longer we’ve been part of the motherhood club, the less it takes to make us smile.

Are you a mom? What are some of the little things that make you reaaalllly happy?

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