Thinking About Listing Your House for Sale? Read This First.

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We recently toured a home in our neighborhood that has tempted us to make a move. We are processing the possibility of listing our house and are making to-do lists. Surprisingly we have learned that selling during the holiday season is a popular time of year. While it is not ideal to move with so many holiday activities going on, many people have the ability to take time off of work around the holidays to make a move occur.

So what should you do to get your house ready to sell?

Declutter: This is a no brainer. Because we live in our homes, we often forget how much we have and do not see many of our possessions as clutter. We have walked around our home and identified pieces of furniture, toys and other personal items that will be packed away and stored to stage the home for listing. If you are not sure you can identify your own clutter, an honest friend or experienced real estate agent can point out items that should be removed. This process can also help gain a jump start on the move. Decluttering will not only make your house prettier to sell, but it can help keep it cleaner while showings occur.

Touch up paint: Walk around the home and identify places that need paint touch ups. Fresh paint in all places helps the home look new and clean. It also makes it appear as if the home was freshly painted.

Deep clean: Give the home a good clean before showings begin. Look at crevices that collect dust and dirt. Make sure buyers do not see the negatives and only the positives.

Clean up the yard: Edge, trim and cut the lawn. Lay down fresh pine straw and mulch where needed. Power wash the exterior, driveway and sidewalks as needed.

Repair what is broken: Anything not working can be a turn-off to buyers and make them fear what may be broken or in disrepair that they cannot see.

Not sure you want to go through all of those things to get your house ready to sell in the traditional manner? Consider selling for a lower price through alternative avenues. With a quick submission of pictures of our home and answering a few questions, we had cash offers within days from Offerpad, Opendoor and Zillow to purchase our home. We would not walk away with as much money as we would selling traditionally, but the sell process could occur in as little as two weeks, no showings necessary and it was a guaranteed purchase.


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