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I have always criticized children spending hours of daylight time playing video games. However, along with all the other changes Covid-19 brought to our lives, this activity has become a valuable tool with many benefits. Yes, you’re right, I have changed my tune, but only while lockdowns and quarantines continue. In social distancing and cold winter weather, online gaming can help children maintain contact with friends.

My children are all grown up, and I was pretty ignorant about how video games can enhance different school subjects. It is clearly not just a waste of time but a fun way to continue learning while keeping physical distance.

Batman video game
Telltale Games benefit language and literacy

Video Games teaching language and literacy

A survey in the United Kingdom indicated the more than one-third of gaming children believe it benefits their reading skills. Furthermore, more than 50% of the survey participants write about gaming or read gaming-related publications at least monthly. Games are excellent tools for children whose first language is not English. Additionally, it encourages creativity and benefits literacy.

Girl doing math
Prodigy Math Game can improve math skills

Video games can help with math skills

The foundation for designing and developing games is mathematics. Algebra, calculus and trigonometry are all integral aspects of game development. Therefore, math skills are essential for anyone with ambitions to design video games.

SMARTeacher Inc designed a free-to-play online role-playing game called Prodigy Math Game. Grade 1 through 8 can learn math skills and also increase their test scores.

Portal games screen clip
Improve physics and science knowledge with Portal Games

Physics and Science

Video games provide many cognitive benefits. Basic mental skills like memory, decision-making, perception, attention and concentration benefit from playing video games. Most importantly, it can benefit gamers of all ages. Any jobs requiring quick decision-making and excellent hand-eye coordination could benefit from gaming skills. For example, surgeons and pilots use video gaming in their training. Recommended physics-based games include those developed by Portal Games.

Video games Screen Clip
Assassin’s Creed can encourage interest in history


History-targeting video games are not necessarily entirely historically correct, but they allow gamers to experience past events. Ubisoft is one developer who takes pride in thoroughly researching history and settings to present them as historically accurate as possible. Assassin’s Creed is one of Ubisoft’s franchises that gives gamers an open-world adventure packed with action. The game allows interaction with figures from Ancient Egypt and Greece, American and French Revolutions, Renaissance Italy and the Crusades.

Another favorite franchise is Civilization, created initially by Sid Meier, a legendary game designer. Players attempt to build empires in a turn-based strategy game. The kingdoms must stand the test of time, and gamers become historical civilization rulers. The game involves strategic, complex maneuvers in dealing with political, economic, cultural, religious and technological issues.

Two adults playing Wii game
Nintendo Wii for physical activity
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Physical education

Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Wii Sports remain in the 10 top-selling games ever when it comes to getting active. Medical fields also use this motion-controlled system in balance training. The latest addition to Nintendo’s games, Ring Fit Adventure, led to overwhelmingly positive revues. It combines strength training, yoga, pilates and cardio elements in this role-playing game.

Hibernation to hide from the pandemic and the cold makes playing video games crucial for learning, friendships and above all, fun. It is one of the few indoor activities ideal for adults and children.

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