Three awesome life hacks–you‘re welcome!

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Do you reach the brink of insanity every year when you try to untangle your Christmas lights? Do you have a box of electrical cords that look more like a scientific sketch of DNA material in a non-membrane bound organelle cell than anything even the slightest bit organized? If so, I’m about to make your life easier with clever life hacks that may mean the difference between feeling like you failed housekeeping 101 and soaring to new heights among the likes of Martha Stewart!

Out of toilet paper? That’s a good thing!

Surprisingly, the first little life hack involves saving your empty toilet paper rolls. I am not really what you might call a Pinterest-y type of girl (Although, I love looking at other people’s creative genius ideas!) I imagine that someone more crafty than myself (which is just about anyone) will be able to customize this hack by decorating the toilet paper rolls in some high-end designer fashion style.

Perhaps, I’m not the Queen Craft Woman, but I can share the basics, which is to use each empty cardboard toilet paper roll as an individual cord holder. For long strands of lights, you might try a paper towel holder. I am super proud of myself for spontaneously thinking of that while writing this post! Once you fill the toilet paper rolls with cords, you simply stand them upright in a box and, “Voila!” you have organization where there once was chaos!

End your sticky tape frustration, here and now!

Have you ever needed a piece of tape but couldn’t tell where it started and tried in vain to dig up the edge (once you found it) with your fingernail? Frustrating, right? Enter: bread bag tabs! You can stick the bread tab to the end of your tape roll to mark the starting spot. I’ve been told that bread tabs can also serve as guitar picks in a pinch!

Life hacks for Oreo lovers

Last but not least, for all you Oreo lovers out there. How many times have you dunked a cookie, then struggled as milk dripped down your wrist while you try to get your Oreo from your glass to your mouth before it falls apart and drops in pieces into your drink? Your worries are over! All you need to do is stick a fork into the white icing part of your Oreo! It makes a nice, neat cookie-holder so that you can dunk away in peace and Oreo-loving happiness!

You can find more of our favorite ideas , here! And, if you have some genius life hacks to share, feel free to give us the scoop!

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Judy Dudich is livin’ her best life in the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania, where 24 acres of land and a home-office provide the perfect setting for her children’s home-education and her own homesteading and business ventures. She believes there’s no greater joy than living an extraordinary ordinary family life and gives thanks to God for His daily blessings.

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