Through the Eyes of a …. Dog?

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There have been several writers over time who’ve borrowed the term, “Through the eyes of a child.” Many times, this terminology was used to express how the world can look much brighter and more innocent when seen through the eyes of children. They are not biased, they are not jaded, and they have not been tainted with negativity. But an incident that happened a few years ago led me to see things from a different perspective, and it showed me a whole new vision of the world, our Father, and just how faith works. First, let me go back.

Most of those who have followed my writing over the years know that I have a pitt-mastiff named “Baloo.” Some may also know that I once had a Great Pyrenees by the name of “Noah.” God used these two dogs a few years ago to teach my heart a lesson on faith. It is amazing how the smallest of incidents can speak to us if we let them; how God can speak through the simplest of tasks if we just quiet our minds for a moment to hear Him.

On the particular day I am writing about, Baloo and Noah needed water. Their water bowls were completely empty, and I was busy writing an article. I glanced up to see them nosing at the water bowls. They both touched their noses slightly to the bowl, and then looked at me expectantly, with wagging tails. They were happy, smiling even, but they were not scared.

There was no fear in either of their eyes. There was no worry in their expressions. There was no anxiousness in their demeanor; just expectant, waggy tails. It was clear that it had never dawned on them that I may not give them any water. They simply knew that the bowls were empty, and that I would fill them. They were even happy that this meant they were getting cold, fresh water. They trusted me that much.

I have heard it said that to our dogs, we are God. At the time that I heard that statement, I immediately rejected the idea of being compared to such an almighty being. But that day, He allowed me to see the meaning behind that statement, and He used it to speak volumes to my heart.

See, in that moment, I realized that I was not like those two dogs. When my water bowl in life began to get low, I did not turn and look at God with happy expectancy. I didn’t realize that my empty bowl was a blessing. I was about to get fresh, cold water, but I didn’t see it that way. When my jobs, bank account, pantry, freezer, health, “water bowl” got low, I began to stress. Then I would try to figure out where the next water was coming from. I would panic and frantically try to look for a second writing job, “just in case this one falls through,” or “just enough to cover that bill.” I would worry, and fret, and eventually break down in tears. My nerves would get the better of me and I would be convinced that I was about to lose everything.

If Baloo and Noah had the same mentality, they would have been digging the floor, whining, pushing the bowl around, becoming more and more stressed and eventually drinking out of the toilet. And God said to me, “Those dogs KNOW that you are going to give them water. They are not afraid. They are not stressed. They simply know that YOU are the one who supplied their needs. Now tell Me, My child, don’t you know that I AM the one who loves you far deeper than you could ever love those dogs? Don’t you know that I AM the one who will send you more work, provide your food, pay your bills, give you fresh, cold water? Don’t you know that I AM your Father who loves you? Why can you not look at Me with such trust in your eyes when your water bowl runs low? You don’t have to drink from the toilet in life. Don’t you know who I AM?


Writer Bio: Angela Carpenter

Angela Kaye Carpenter is a syndicated writer, copywriter, and editor from Georgia, USA. Angela currently writes for Vertu Marketing, and is the former Head Feature Writer & Social Media Manager at Inventor’s Showcase Magazine, Editor in Chief of Editorial MOM,  Contributing Editor at Entrepreneurweek, and Renegade Entrepreneurs.  Specializing in news articles, her work has been featured in ‘Drudge Report’ and mentioned in a post from ‘Fox News.com’. She has written for Rebellion News, VizMedia, EnewsDaily,’Thaindian News’, and other news sites online. Aside from news articles, Angela also writes legal blogs, poetry, songs, and short stories, as well as television reviews, and “how to” articles. Her loves include her husband JD, her kids, Jen and John, her grandbaby, Charley Pepper, and her Pitt-Mastiff, Baloo. Contact Angela at angelakayecarpenter@gmail.com. Follow on Twitter, @AKayeCarpenter, find her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AngelaKayeCarpenter

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