Time to Clean House

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Time to clean house…literally. Thought it was a hot-button topic, right? Not this time! Today, I’ll pass on some ways to efficiently clean your house. As my houses got bigger and the amount of kids I had grew to enormous proportions (okay…just four), I had to learn how to keep up with clutter and filth. Since I don’t relish this part of daily living, I have learned how to accomplish chores as quickly as possible in a way that will not reduce me to tears. I hope it helps you, too.

Use a caddy. This is going to be your buddy as you work from room to room. I like to fill one side with bathroom supplies (sponges, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, and the like) and the other side with general cleaning supplies like dust spray and cloths, paper towels and carpet freshener. As you move from room to room, this handy-dandy tote will keep you from wishing you had an extra pair of hands.

Work your way in a circle. When I enter the doorway, I put my caddy down. Beginning with the left side of the doorway and working clockwise, I use glass cleaner on all things, well, glass. After that round, I dust all the furniture, again working clockwise from the left of the doorway to the right. Finally, I sprinkle the carpet with my favorite deodorizer. Read the point below for more info.

Sprinkle carpet cleaner in rooms you’ve completed. I tend to sprinkle a little less than what the directions call for because I have  sensitive nose.  A little goes a long way. Clean other rooms and let the deodorizer do it’s job. After fifteen minutes or so, you can vacuum. Just keep in mind that you may not necessarily want to do this step if you have babies or pets. I personally shut doors that have been sprinkled and simply open them again once I’ve vacuumed.

Attack the clutter. If you mostly on top of your clutter, this will not be an overwhelming task. I live in a two-story home so I put a basket near my stairs to gather clutter from the day. When I go upstairs, I take the Clutter Basket with me and return the items to their proper home. “Everything has a place; everything in its place”.

If you’re not on top of your clutter, a box you can throw everything into will be helpful. Just don’t close the flaps and forget about it…unless you want to donate what you’ve put into the box! This task can be particularly challenging if you have Clutter-Makers and not Clutter-Helpers. I’ve got tips on how to handle this, rearin’ to go in another segment.

At the end of your cleaning spree, keep your windows open to allow fresh air to come through. Light some candles or run your diffuser and enjoy your clean home in a relaxed atmosphere.



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