Tiny home living improved my quality of life

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One’s quality of life is not dependent on the mansion in which you live. In fact, I am just one of many people of all ages who improved their quality of life by choosing a tiny home. Even if it were for economic or other reasons, I would not want to exchange my small living space for any other home. It is not all about the square-foot area, but happiness and content instead. My choice of living enabled me to live near all those who matter, which I was denied for many years. Along with that privilege came several others.

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Less stuff to interfere with my quality of life

I have everything I need and nothing more. Every piece of furniture and other “stuff” has a purpose, and I waste no time and energy thinking about where to put what. Also, I need not figure out how to rearrange the furniture. The fact that I am free of the task of “stuff management” has certainly improved my quality of life.

In the same vein, it saves money because there is no space for more “stuff.” To manage that, before buying anything, I must get rid of something already in my tiny home.

No excess clutter to lower my quality of life

I have been guilty of a bit of hoarding. Now I know that it was because I had too much space. My tiny home living has shown me that clutter could cause a whole lot of stress. I now agree with those who say clutter inhibits focus. Working from home has never been so easy. I have no more anxiety and distractions — things I never even linked to my cluttered environment of before. My tiny home has limited surface area for shelves and cabinets to house additional clutter. Moreover, I do not spend hours cleaning “stuff,” which I call dust collectors.


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Motivation to spend time outdoors

I thank the Good Lord every day for bringing me to my tiny home. It could have been an apartment with a view of yet another complex. When I step outside, I am not in a public passage but my own little paradise. I have more motivation to take the dogs out for a walk on the beach. I can honestly say it took me no time to adjust to a much smaller living area. Furthermore, my husband and I can have conversations, even while we are in different areas of our tiny open-plan home.

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The therapeutic value of my view

My tiny home offers a view of beautiful mountains. Even though I cannot see the ocean, it is no more than five minutes away. When all goes quiet at night, I can hear and smell the ocean. I have never been more grateful to God than what I am tight now, even in my tiny home.

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