Tips for saving money on groceries

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Tips for saving money on groceries - The Hot Mess Press

I think at this point most people are well aware of the significant rise in prices at the grocery store. For many, it’s simply frustrating. But there are plenty of people who are in a very bad financial position and are struggling to buy the food they need to feed their family. This is a sad situation in a country that used to be so wealthy and powerful. Saving money on groceries isn’t an easy task, especially as inflation continues to rise. But there are some steps you can take to make better use of what you have and to stretch your grocery budget as far as possible.

Tips for saving money on groceries - The Hot Mess Press

Don’t let anything go to waste

You obviously don’t want to be eating food that’s gone bad. That’s why it’s so important to always be aware of what you have and to use it up while it’s still fresh. Do you throw away leftovers because you may be tired of eating the same thing for days? Pick up some divided meal prep containers. Portion your leftovers into those containers to have homemade frozen dinners. When wrapped properly, these meals can stay fresh for months in your freezer. You can take them to work or have an easy meal on nights when you don’t have time to cook. Another way to avoid waste is to freeze meat and vegetable scraps in a freezer bag to make soup or broth once the bag is full. Soup is always frugal and it’s a great way to use up random bits of food.

Tips for saving money on groceries - The Hot Mess Press

Learn to bake

Baking bread and other goods at home can be intimidating. But as long as you follow the recipe, it usually works out fine. Try some simple bread recipes first until you understand more about the process. Quick breads and muffins don’t even require yeast and making them from scratch is very frugal. If you want to take all the guesswork out, look into buying a bread machine. You can almost always find them for very little money at a thrift store. Bread machines can even be used to make pizza dough or dough that you can shape into cinnamon rolls.

Meal prep and plan

Without a solid meal plan, you’ll be tempted to get takeout. Meal planning takes some time but it’s worth the effort. To save the most money on groceries, make a meal plan based on what you have A meal plan that requires you to purchase a lot of extra ingredients can increase your grocery bill. Start with the foods you have in your refrigerator that need to be used up. Keep some cheap pantry staples on hand that can be made into quick meals like pasta, sauce, canned meats, and canned vegetables. To encourage yourself to use up perishable foods before they go bad, take some time at the beginning of the week to prep vegetables, marinate meats, and do other tasks that can be completed ahead of time.

Living frugally isn’t always fun, but in hard times it can be necessary. Focus on saving money on groceries by using what you have and learning to make foods at home. Plan meals around what you have to prevent waste and use those leftovers to save both time and money.

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