Tired of Hollywood? You’re not the only one

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Tired of Hollywood? You're not the only one - The Hot Mess Press

People have looked to Hollywood celebrities for inspiration for decades. The public likes to see what celebrities are wearing, who they’re dating, or where they’re traveling to. Awards shows like the Grammys and Golden Globes have long been known to showcase the elite. But it seems that now, our fascination with celebrities is dwindling. Awards shows are losing viewers by the millions and people don’t want to hear “woke” celebrities telling us how to think. The American public is getting tired of Hollywood. Celebrities and athletes no longer carry the significance they did in the past.

Get woke, go broke

Celebrities like to think they can influence us regular people. Of course, there are many who still admire celebrities and look to them for advice on social issues. But there are many more who are just over it. These people simply aren’t relatable and they don’t have a realistic grasp of what life is like for the average person. They can spout political statements about “defunding the police” while they have armed security. They try to influence people’s political opinions from their multi-million-dollar mansions while they have no idea what the life of an average American is like. Their privilege clouds their judgment and their “wokeness” shows how out of touch they are with the world around them.

Unlikable and unrelatable

The rich and famous people of the world have always been different than the average person. But now, they have gone to such extremes with political views and outrageous behavior that many people find them completely unlikable. The awards shows that have aired so far in 2021 have had extremely low ratings. The same goes for NBA and NFL games. Viewership of games has gone down drastically since last year when athletes decided to use their platforms and social media accounts to preach social justice ideas to the masses. It was just recently announced that the 2022 Golden Globes ceremony is canceled due to a lack of diversity. It could also be because of embarrassment at the abysmal performance of this year’s show.

Money and self-imposed importance do weird things to people. Celebrities and athletes live differently than the average person and they simply aren’t relatable. Nor are they admirable. Long gone are the days when you could actually admire a celebrity for doing something worthwhile. Now they spend their time berating people who don’t agree with their extremist views on politics and life in general. Professional athletes constantly push their agenda during games when most people just want to turn on a game to relax and get away from the stress of the world. If you’re tired of Hollywood, you’re not alone. People are waking up to the fact that these celebrities aren’t nearly as important as they like to think they are. When we stop focusing on the elite, we can find so many better things to do with our time.

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