Trust your instincts in these 3 situations

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Are you a confident person? Do you make decisions easily and pursue your goals with vigor? Confidence is great, but there’s a difference between being confident and trusting your gut. You should always trust your instincts but especially in three particular situations. God endowed humans and many other mammals with inherent know-how. For instance, it is instinctual to move away from burning flames. It’s funny, though, how often we disregard our gut feelings. We override our instincts. This happens for various reasons. We might not want to embarrass another person or ourselves.

We also might want to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Doubt is a relevant term here in other ways, as well. Self-doubt is a major crusher of instinct. We feel it and know what we think we should do or say or not do or not say. Then, we doubt ourselves. Have you ever done this? Instead of learning to trust your instincts, you let self-doubt take the reins. You don’t do what your gut feeling tells you that you should do. Okay, now be honest. How many times have you regretted that? Have you let doubt win, then later thought, ”Man, I should have trusted my instincts,”?

Trust your instincts when you get a bad vibe about a person

There used to be a person in my neighborhood that was not good. This person was dishonest and often made inappropriate comments to women. The very first time I met this man, my instincts kicked into high gear. They told me to steer clear of him. My feelings were later confirmed by the two Husky/Border Collie dogs I had at the time. They were the sweetest, friendliest dogs you could ever meet. They are not aggressive in any way.

I was shocked when the man that had put my instincts on alert tried to approach and greet the dogs. They snarled and growled like I had never heard them do. In fact, until that moment, I had never heard either of them growl at anyone! It wasn’t a one time thing, either. Any time this particular neighbor would come around, my dogs would exhibit the same behavior. He couldn’t get anywhere near them. This convinced me that my instincts were correct. If you meet someone, and you get a bad feeling, learn to trust your instincts. They are there for a reason. Some people like to call it ”intuition.”

Always trust your instincts when you you make a life decision

Throughout out lives, there are many instances where we are faced with serious decisions. You might have to decide on a new career or whether to relocate to another state. Maybe you are considering marriage or whether or not to buy a home. When you are making a decision about an important matter in life, trust your instincts. Try not to rush your decision. Rather, think about it. Pray about it, and pay close attention to your innermost feelings. Is there a good energy there or a bad one? Trust it.

If you are thinking about moving and you might feel peaceful and happy whenever it enters your mind. This is your instincts letting you know that moving is the right choice. If, on the other hand, you feel unrest, ill-at-ease or worried, your instincts might be telling you to hold off on it for now. Always trust your instincts when you have prayerfully considered all of your options and are ready to make a decision.

When you feel a strong, compelling force, your instincts may be guiding you

As a Christian, I believe that the Holy Spirit is a Divine Guide in life. God uses many ways to get our attention. One of them is to speak to us through our instincts. If you ever feel strongly compelled to act, regardless what the issue might be, you can trust your instincts. Doing so could be life-saving to another person. When I was a young mother, I was in the kitchen checking on supper. I had laid my baby daughter down on a quilt in the middle of the room. She was less than 10 feet away from me. A doorway prevented me from being able to see her, however.

As I was checking on supper, my instincts suddenly told me to go back to where my daughter was. The feelings were so strong and so compelling that I could not disregard them. I trusted my instincts and was forever-glad I did. When I had lain my daughter on the quilt, I failed to notice that there was a copper penny within her reach. When I returned to check on her, her eyes were big and she was not making any noise. She was choking on the penny! I was able to dislodge the coin from her throat and was so relieved that God had nudged me through my instincts to leave the kitchen and check on her. Always trust your instincts when you strongly feel compelled to take action!

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