Twitter bots being used to lie about the pandemic

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Twitter bots being used to lie about the pandemic - The Hot Mess Press

Admittedly, I’m not a Twitter user. I think Jack Dorsey is an idiot and I have no interest in supporting his platform. I did set up an account for a very brief period of time back in 2020 just to keep up with President Trump’s tweets. But once he was banned, I opted out and I haven’t looked back. But, I do realize that many people use Twitter and it’s a popular source for news and other information. I wonder though, do people realize how easily Twitter can be weaponized against the public to hide the truth and spread propaganda? Twitter bots are currently being used to post misleading pandemic-related information.

Not just a coincidence

There is no reason for multiple users to post the exact same tweet, especially when it includes personal information. These users, which are most likely Twitter bots, post about themselves or a friend/family member to give a personal touch to their false information. The following two screenshots show how false information is used to scare people. These tweets are used to create a false sense of panic and fear surrounding COVID-19. The people in charge want citizens to stay home with no return to pre-pandemic life. Why do they want us to stay home and why are they considering more lockdowns? Follow the money. Think about how these large corporations, including the drug companies, have benefited over the past year. Scared people can be controlled. And when they control us by keeping us home, they are the ones who benefit.

Use discernment

In a time of crisis, it’s very easy to post misinformation to get people to support a cause. In this case, Twitter is being used to promote alarmist propaganda to keep the public scared. What’s the end goal? At this point, we’ve seen how social media platforms can be weaponized during the pandemic. They can skew data to support their agenda. It’s very easy to manipulate information when you want people to think a certain way. If you want the truth about something, look for primary sources of information. Social media can be very misleading and it’s easy to be lazy and not look into things you read. But, it’s always important to be discerning, with any information, especially what you read on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media users should always be wary of news and information posted by unreliable sources. It’s simple to manipulate facts and data to make it fit your cause. If those in power want the public to be scared, all they have to do is weaponize social media accounts to spread misinformation. Jack Dorsey and Twitter have a history of censoring conservative viewpoints. So, it’s not a stretch to believe they would allow Twitter bots and fake accounts to lie about the pandemic. It makes you wonder, what else do they lie about?

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