Upcycling clothes saves money and boosts style

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How many articles of clothing do you have in your closet, dresser drawers or in storage bins that you hardly ever wear? There’s no doubt numerous items that you haven’t parted with because you like something about them. You wish that they were still in style or that you would still fit into them, etc. Upcycling clothes is a relatively easy and super fun way to refurbish your wardrobe without spending tons of money.

Upcycling clothes means to take clothing you already have and update it, change it and adapt it into a fresh new look and style. By the time you get to the end of this post, you’ll have several ideas on ways that you can update and restyle your wardrobe!

Upcycling clothes can be as simple as changing the details

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Perhaps you have button-down dress or sweater or jacket in your closet that you think is too outdated to wear. While retro is definitely in, sometimes, a piece of clothing just doesn’t make the cut for a cool, retro look. The item in question might be a perfect candidate for upcycling clothes! Take a good look at it, then put on your creative thinking cap! What if you change the buttons? Can you add something to it, like trim or other details? Maybe you love a specific shirt but the color is faded and worn-looking. Why not dye it a new color?

Go online for upcycling clothes ideas

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Maybe you have a an old pair of jeans that you just can’t figure out how to update. One way to upcycle them (if they’re skinny jeans or straight legs) is to cut off the area of the ankle hem so they have an unfinished look and come just above your ankles when you wear them. Boom! You’ve instantly made an old pair of jeans look fresh and trendy! You can find lots of upcycling clothes ideas online. Websites like Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube are great for entering a few search words and generating tons of new outfit ideas. Don’t forget to check out the video at the end of this post on cool ways to revamp blue jeans!

After a little browsing, you’ll soon be thrilled that you have numerous options for wearing that scarf you love or upcycling your favorite, old t-shirt dress. You can even take a dress and turn it into something else, depending on much material is available. You might be able to make shirt or a shirt and a skirt ensemble! This also often works for jeans and pants, which you can turn into shorts or capris!

Anything goes is the most popular style nowadays

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It’s fun to get on board with fashion trends from time to time. Your wardrobe should be something you enjoy. It’s also a perfect way to express yourself — to be who you are, not who you think you should be according to what you see on the fashion runways. If you love it, wear it. If you don’t, then pass it on or donate it. There’s no set rules for creating a fashion style. Upcycling clothes gives you a chance to hang onto to things you already love by updating their look.

It doesn’t matter if a certain color or length or design isn’t currently “in.” If you like it, you can wear it!

You can also think of upcycling clothes as a way to reduce waste. Similar to refurbishing furniture, buying an existing home instead of building new or recycling items you have around the house. Using clothing you already own to make a new wardrobe is creative and fun and goes easy on the budget! Start by going through all of your clothing and accessories, such as scarves, vests, etc. Then, take them aside, one at a time, and come up with new ways to use them or to give them a new look!



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