Update on Health Research: Part 1

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I was shocked to discover that I haven’t posted a blog on my health journey since last year (2016). Around May of 2016, I started working part-time and I suppose that accounts for why I haven’t taken the time to blog. Although time stops for no one, I have been slowly inching my way forward to better health, at times feeling like it’s more of a combat crawl.

Recap of my health issues:

Etc, etc, etc…. I literally feel too tired to list ALL of my symptoms, so I just listed “the biggies”.  I spent the years of 2012-2016 researching what I could about what could be going on with me. Not only have I been frustrated that conventional doctors seemed to know less than I did about trying to heal holistically (which is the approach I prefer to take), I also had the overwhelming feeling of “the blind leading the blind” with the various holistic groups online. These groups were created to help people find the root cause of their symptoms, yet they left me feeling overwhelmed, under-educated, and paralyzed into inaction.

In the groups, I found it difficult to navigate through what was relevant information and what wasn’t. That’s the problem with feeling like you can’t trust convention doctors: you’re left to research your health issues on your own. Though that may feel empowering to some, it left me feeling frustrated and aimless. I gave up for awhile. I gave up researching, I gave up looking for different doctors, and I gave up on myself. About 3 months ago, I started feeling like, “I’m on such a strict paleo diet and yet I’m hovering at a nauseatingly high weight….I may as well eat what I want and have some fun.” Stupid decision-making at it’s best– I ended up gaining nearly 20 pounds and feeling worse than ever.

I knew I needed some kind of intervention but didn’t know where to turn. My symptoms could be caused by literally hundreds, if not thousands of things. I decided to stop inundating myself with potentially useless information and work on what I knew I could control: making some lifestyle changes that could positively impact my family.

Enter Wellness Mama. This woman has done and will continue to do research for those of us that can’t or won’t. I have learned a lot from her website, including how to make my own laundry detergent, cleaning products, and vitamin-filled gummy bears. I learned that the bed I sleep on and the furniture I spent a ton of money on is probably wreaking havoc on my thyroid. But more on that later. The point is that I have been trying to move away from commercial cleaning products in favor of old-school cleaning with things like vinegar and Borax. A future post will have links to recipes I love and have found effective.

As for my dis-eased body and trying to heal, that is something I will keep posting about since it’s definitely a  

Writer Bio: CJ Heath

CJ is constantly striving to heal her fatigue, weight gain, and hair loss issues. Well, except for the two months that she gave-up and ate countless pounds of Popeye’s fried chicken and cupcakes. But she’s back on track now.



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