Update on Health Research: Part 3 (Kitchen)

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As I go through this process of healing, I realize that it really takes a huge network of people to help me heal. For my mental health, I am trying to move forward from past and present pains by seeing a therapist. For my spiritual growth, I am reading various books and meditating. For my emotional well-being, I feel that all of the above plus working on my physical health will bring me to a place of peace and contentment– my ultimate life goal. So what are the modifications I’m making to affect change in my environment and surroundings? Take out a pen and paper…here we go !

Water: You can’t drink it out of the tap. You may not want to hear this, but there are all sorts of dangers you’re swallowing every time you drink out of the tap: everything from thyroid-damaging fluoride to parasites and heavy metals. You can start your research here.
I found that the only way to remove fluoride from the water is by using a reverse-osmosis water filter. This is the one I bought since hubby didn’t want to drill holes into the kitchen counter top for the one that attaches to the tap.

Pots & Pans: I went with Wellness Mama’s advice and invested in Xtrema cookware. It’s ceramic, so you don’t have to worry about teflon flaking off into your food. That may not sound like a big deal, until you read this. I also invested in some iron skillets. If you’re anemic, cooking with these may help. They are sturdy, can last generations, and don’t flake teflon into your food. Check out Wellness Mama’s site on how to season your pans–don’t use vegetable oil, it’s not good for you. This is what you use to scrub the iron skillets though it can be used on the ceramic cookware, too!

Cutting Board and Spatulas: It’s best to get a cutting board that is made out of one solid piece of wood so that the glue used to bind various pieces of wood together doesn’t leach into your food. I’m using this to seal the boards once a month.  Using wood spatulas is best for cooking…not the cheap plastic stuff. The problem is that when the plastic is heated by the food you’re cooking, it may leach dangerous chemicals into your meal. It’s crazy! I know, right??

Food Storage: You may have guessed by now that plastics should no longer be in your kitchen. Heat sources and acids (like lemon juice) can affect storage containers by breaking them down and–you guessed it–can leach dangerous chemicals into your food, so your best bet is to go with glass. I like these because they can also go in the oven. If you can’t part from plastic, try to make sure that it’s BPA-free. But go with the glass–it’s versatile and you don’t have to worry about ingesting anything toxic.

Kitchen Misc: I use this to drink out of, this to pack lunches, and this to wash dishes. I’m using up the current commercial dishwasher soap we’re using and then I’ll be making my own so stay tuned for that.

Meat: Thanks to Dr. Wentz, I found ButcherBox–my one-stop shopping for organic, free-range meat. The order came quickly and we got free bacon–WOOT! Grass-fed beef is a bit of an adjustment for me, though. The meat is delicious, but not as tender as the store-bought, not-good-for-you beef. Plus I love steak fat and there isn’t much of it on grass-fed beef. Which is actually better for you because believe it or not, toxins and other nasty things are stored in the fat…**major sad face**.  And it’s definitely more expensive but I want to live a long time and for my kids to be healthy.

Wine: Those who know me best know that Wine and me are Soul Sisters. The problem is that the cheaper wine we can afford is full of things that are not good for you. This is something that hubby brought to my attention and I was not pleased to hear it. After reading this article , I realized that there was a reason for those hangovers! Enter Dry Farm wines. I’m anxiously awaiting my box, so stay tuned for my review! I was happy to see reviews from people I follow: Bulletproof Coffee’s Dave Asprey and The Primal Blueprint’s author Mark Sisson.

Some of these changes I’ve made over time (like following The Primal Blueprint and drinking Bulletproof coffee). And others I made all of a sudden after reading Dr. Wentz’s book. Just do what you can over time. When it’s time to buy new spatulas, buy the wooden ones. When you have a little extra grocery money, try grass-fed and free-range meat. Swap out your chemical-laden dish soap for the healthier brand. Some things I threw out immediately. Others I gave away. And there are still a few things I’m using up until it runs out before I buy the healthier alternatives. Just do what you can!


Writer Bio: CJ Heath

CJ is definitely trying to make some healthier changes. As long as we’re breathing, it’s never too late. Our kids are watching us and benefiting from the healthy modifications we’re introducing to our lives. If there is something you’d like to know more about, or if you want my review on any of the above items I’m mentioned, let me know!


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