Update your spaces with these 7 easy tips

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When you don’t want to spend an inordinate amount of money or to spend a lot of time to update your spaces and give them some extra zing, there are some things you can definitely do.

Most of us like our homes to be show worthy.You want your home to be welcoming and place where you can ease the stress of what may, at times, be a hectic life.

Have a look at these seven things you can do in your home to give it an instant infusion of zing!

Rip up the rugs

Area rugs are a wonderful addition in any space to create a perfect ambience or feeling. Wall-to-wall carpeting? Maybe not so much. If you’re selling your home, you might even want to remove them to show off your beautiful floors.

A bright backsplash

The easiest way of adding a new spark to your kitchen is to install a new backsplash. This simple tweak can actually transform the look of what is likely the main gathering space. There are all types of materials available today — from tiles to stone, to gel tiles, to stainless steel.

Stunning new light fixtures

Replacing dated lights with updated fixtures is a powerful shape shifter. That can be especially true in the kitchen and more public spaces of your home like the living room or family room. You might want to consider adding a showpiece fixture to your entryway as well.

Trim the trees

Trees are wonderful, but when they’ve grown out of control, they can block precious light from entering your home. Trimming back shade trees will help to infuse your home with natural light everyone craves.

A grout facelift

There’s nothing that makes a place look dated more than discoloured grout. Grimy looking tiles can look dirty even when you’ve taken the time to give them a good scrubbing. You can restore the grout with a number of kits available on the market. It’s an easy, inexpensive fix to make your tiles gleam again.

New cabinet hardware

If you want to change the look of a room, you might want to change the hardware on your cabinets and cupboards. It doesn’t take much time or effort and can do wonders to overhaul the feeling of a space and goes a long way to updating your spaces.

Say adios to ceiling stains

If there is some discoloration on your ceiling anywhere, fixing it is no problem. Water stains can be covered with a fresh coat of paint, but be sure to use a stain-blocking primer first to stop the stain from bleeding through. You might not even have to repaint the entire ceiling.

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