Vaccine passports: What could go wrong?

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Vaccine passports: What could go wrong? - The Hot Mess Press

As United States citizens, we take advantage of many freedoms that people in other countries don’t have. We mostly go where we want without giving it much thought. That was until the pandemic hit. Unprecedented government restrictions made it hard to go about everyday life in the same way as before. Now we are faced with the possibility of needing a government issued passport to shop, go to events, go to school, and even go to work. Last year’s conspiracy theory of a COVID-19 related passport could now become reality.  So, what could go wrong with requiring vaccine passports? They could be the end of freedom as we’ve always known it.

The government is giving back our freedom?

Vaccine passports are being touted as a way for the government to give back our freedom. But our freedoms are God-given, not government controlled. Over the past year we have been conditioned to believe that the government controls our freedom. They have used fear to keep us home and keep us from living normal lives. Understandably, people are scared of getting sick. This is largely due to misleading information from the mainstream media. Now, the United States government is trying to coerce people to take an experimental medical treatment. Yes, all COVID-19 vaccines from all manufacturers are still in the trial stages. They are not FDA-approved.

Vaccine passports are unconstitutional

A vaccine passport would allow businesses to discriminate against people based on medical decisions. Passports could prevent citizens’ access to grocery stores, pharmacies, and other places that sell essential goods. Kids without a passport could be kept out of schools. People without passports could lose their jobs. The United States Government has no authority to mandate citizens to take an experimental medical treatment. In fact, it would go against the Nuremberg Code to require vaccine passports. The code explicitly prohibits the use of coercion in medical experiments.

Privacy laws, HIPAA, and mandated vaccines

A government mandated vaccine passport is virtually the same as compulsory vaccines but with a less threatening name.  So instead of actually forcing the vaccine, they are threatening American citizens with loss of ability to shop, participate in recreational activities, and go to work. A vaccine passport goes against laws that protect our right to privacy. Plus, they could be in direct violation of HIPAA. The use of vaccine passports means that citizens would have to give their private medical information to strangers. It’s important to understand that COVID-19 vaccines are still under Emergency Use Authorization. They will be for several years until the trials are complete.

Vaccine passports go against everything America stands for. They violate the United States Constitution. Everyone should be free to make medical decisions based on personal beliefs and informed consent.  It’s completely inappropriate and unconstitutional for the government to require a passport for citizens to travel freely in the country. Those without passports could lose their job and the ability to take care of their family. And, it won’t end there. If we accept vaccines passports, the government could eventually require access to all private medical records. Vaccine passports aren’t about public safety. It’s just another way to control the American people. I encourage everyone to contact your state representatives to tell them to vote against vaccine passports.

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