VIDEO: Interview With Trump’s Senior Legal Counsel To Discuss Election Fraud Cases

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Jenna Ellis Discusses Election Fraud Cases

Senior counsel to the president Jenna Ellis recently appeared on the Eric Metaxas radio show to discuss the Ellis on Election Fraud Cases ongoing investigations and litigation pending for the 2020 election fraud cases. Eric Metaxas is a New York Times #1 bestselling author of works such as Martin Luther and Bonhoeffer.

Metaxas hosts a  nationally syndicated radio show that is broadcast in over 120 cities across the United States. **Note for readers – Metaxas Jenna Ellis | Election Fraud Casesdoes appear to be somewhat bias in his own views, but his interview with Ellis offers atypical insight into the “behind the scenes” goings on concerning the litany of election fraud cases all pending across the U.S.

Jenna Ellis is a constitutional law attorney who serves as the Senior Legal Adviser for the Trump 2020 election campaign. Ellis is also an author, legal analyst, blogger and has appeared on CNN and Fox News. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Richmond School of Law. She began her legal career as a law clerk for the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Ellis has done several interviews with Metaxas since the election, each of which can be accessed through his website and/or Youtube channel. Additionally, she recently appeared on Fox News where she stated, “Joe Biden said in his press conference today that he wants all votes to count. That sounds great, the Democrats want all votes to count, who doesn’t want that? But notice the sleight of hand,” said Ellis. “The key word that they’re leaving out in their narrative: ‘Legal.’ ‘Legitimate.’ We want all legal, legitimate votes to count. So, by the Democrats spinning this narrative and saying that they want all votes to count, that includes duplicate votes, illegal votes, it includes spoiled votes, it includes all votes that come after the deadline. It includes all manner of unconstitutional ballot counting.”

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