Want to Be a Nurse? 3 Reasons Why You Should

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Thinking about becoming a nurse? It is an incredible field to begin a career with a multitude of opportunities.


There are many ways to work as a nurse. The majority of jobs do include patient care in a hospital or a doctor’s office. Although patient care is the majority of work, there are many other avenues to work. How is having opportunities beneficial? If one area does not suit your personality, there are plenty of opportunities to explore other areas all with the same degree and license.

During my seven years as a nurse, I mainly worked with patients in a hospital. I personally enjoyed the area of Oncology more than any other. Before I had kids, I supplemented my hospital income with a clinical instructor role through a local university. There are opportunities in colleges to teach student nurses, opportunities to specialize in technology, at home jobs, insurance jobs and more.

Flexible Schedule

For the most part, nursing offers the opportunity to work a schedule that works best for your stage of life. Once established, many places of employment will allow nurses to work as much or as little as they like. There were years I would pick up extra income by working overtime and years that I worked as a supplemental nurse to fill in the staffing vacancies allowing me to create my own schedule. Some nurses found that working the night shift when their children attended school, and others worked weekends to alternate schedules with their spouses.


If you are someone like myself that needs to feel a purpose in their work, there is no better job than working as a nurse with patient care. When I worked, most days I felt immense satisfaction that I was doing something worthwhile with my life and work. Nurses can be excellent advocates for patients and be the best person to help patients through a medical crisis.

Some days were very difficult. I worked in the field of Oncology and I said goodbye to more than one patient over the years. I cried with patients, families and often cried privately after my shifts came to an end. Sometimes the tears were over frustrating days and some days the tears were grief over the loss of life.

Think you want to teach? You can as a nurse. Think you want to work in management? You can as a nurse. Think you enjoy law? There are legal nurses. Want to work with the hottest new computer programs? There is a growing field of nursing informatics. Want to go into ministry or work for a non-profit? There is a never-ending need in every community across the world for nurses.

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