Want to Do Right by Your Family? Then, Do Right by Yourself

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Every mom struggles with being overwhelmed and feeling that you should be doing more, doing better, and, quite frankly, doing it all. In fact, most of us see asking for help or letting things slide as a sign of failure. It isn’t. It is necessity. We are, after all, human still. As much as we want to do it all and do it all better than any mom can, we have to accept that we can’t do right by our families if we don’t do right by ourselves.

Doing right by ourselves doesn’t mean chucking it all and running off whenever we just can’t deal with one more dirty glass or missing coat. It means understanding the importance of self-care. No, self-care is not selfish. Self-care is a vital part of being able to be the best mom for our families. It is what allows to keep going and keep trying. It is what rejuvenates us and reminds us that despite the neglected hair highlights, stained shirts, and constant feeling of exhaustion, we are still human.

You can do right by yourself and pass on the gift to fellow moms in a number of fun, inexpensive, and practical ways. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate spa weekend away that takes months of planning and saving, even though that would be nice. It can be a simple afternoon escape, late night treat, or handful of minutes in the morning. Below are some ways to care for yourself so you can tackle the next mom task with vigor and get the much needed self-care you have put on the back-burner for far too long.

Early morning yoga or stretches

Sure, we all love any extra minute of sleep we can get. But, getting up just 15 or 30 minutes before everyone else, even just every other day, and stretching or doing a few simple yoga poses will awaken the senses. It will also awaken your muscles. It gives you a moment to get your mind focused on the day ahead and not feel overwhelmed.

Late night treat

Kids get treats all the time for being good or just to feel special. Moms should be no different. Think of what you treasure, drink or food, and set aside one night to just indulge once the kids are asleep. There’s no need to feel guilty. You can sit back for just 30 minutes and enjoy that cheesecake, glass of wine, or batch of brownies all alone. The sense of satisfaction and getting in touch with what comforts you at the end of a long day will only help you go to sleep with a warm and fulfilled feeling.

Plan an at home spa night

It is easy to find affordable face scrubs, masks, and cleanser recipes on Pintrest. If you have coconut oil, brown sugar, sea salt, egg whites, lemon juice, or a few other ingredients in your kitchen, you have everything you need to make sensational and effective scrubs and masks that will remind you that you aren’t just a mom, but an actual woman who needs to care for her skin. These masks and scrubs can be made and used in less than a half hour. A few moments of pampering can make you happy all night.

 Whether it is a night out with friends, taking up a new hobby just for you, or sitting alone eating and drinking your favorites while your brown sugar masks sets, these little moments can keep you centered and ready to tackle the next mom-mergency. By caring for yourself, you are showing your family that you value yourself, which is exactly what they will do, too.
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